Bianca Censori looks distressed as she wears sheer trench coat after growing concerns about her marriage to Kanye West

Bianca Censori looks distressed as she wears sheer trench coat after growing concerns about her marriage to Kanye West

BIANCA Censori has walked the streets of Los Angeles while wearing a full coverage jacket.

Bianca, 29, was entering the Hotel Bel-Air in California while rocking a surprisingly modest outfit.

Bianca Censori appeared walking into a Los Angeles hotel

Bianca Censori appeared walking into a Los Angeles hotel.

Credit: BackGrid

She was wearing a sheer black trench coat

She was wearing a sheer black trench coat.

Credit: BackGrid

She was wearing a floor-length black trench coat that appeared to be made of a black plastic material.

The plastic made the coat very sheer and almost see-through, and her skin was visible under the garment.

The sexiest part of the outfit was how tight the coat’s belt was tied around her waist to show her figure.

Bianca’s hair was wet and pulled back into a messy updo so it was out of her face.

She was seen with her arms crossed and her head hanging down as she looked at the floor.

There was no sign of a smile or any joy as she walked into the hotel without her husband Kanye West.


Kanye’s marriage to Bianca will only last six to 12 months, one of the rapper’s collaborators has told The U.S. Sun.

Bianca and Kanye, 46, have been married for over a year.

Adam Glove – who has collaborated with Ye in the nightlife realm – spoke out on the famous couple.

When asked what it’s like working with the rapper, Adam told The U.S. Sun, “I mean, it’s hard. I’m Jewish. But creatively, he’s a genius.

‘I feel bad!’ Bianca Censori fans say as she looks ‘sad’ while wearing barely-there bodysuit in Milan with Kanye West.mp4

“He’s a really good marketing person, but a little disrespectful at times,” referring to his anti-Semitic comments.

The Affinity Nightlife owner also weighed in on Kanye dressing Bianca in shocking X-rated outfits that have reportedly caused concern from the architect’s Australian family.

“She’s just like a mannequin,” Adam remarked while adding that she was okay with it and liked the attention.

“I think she’s happy. She likes the clout.”

He said that he’s “hung out” with Bianca and met Kanye and his friends since he claimed to be the late Virgil Abloh’s roommate in the past.

While speaking to The U.S. Sun at the Dream in Gold Oscars After Party on March 10, the entrepreneur claimed Kanye is “just trying to f**k with Kim for sure” since he knows “exactly how Ye is.”

Adam was referring to Ye’s ex-wife Kim Kardashian, 43, who has demanded her ex’s wife dress more appropriately around their children.

Finally, when asked how long Adam sees their marriage lasting, he responded, “I mean, depends on your definition.

“Maybe six months, a year.”


Bianca wants a child with Kanye, but her family doesn’t think it’s a good idea, sources have revealed.

From his previous anti-Semitic remarks to Instagram rants, Kanye has faced major backlash over the years.

This week, the Australian architect spent plenty of time with Kanye’s eldest daughter North in Paris, France.

One source close to the star revealed that Bianca has already had baby discussions with her family.

“[Kanye] is her husband so of course she has talked about this and being a stepmom to Kanye’s kids has really only made her desire to have kids stronger,” an insider revealed to DailyMail.

The source continued: “There was a time when her parents were supportive of her having children with Kanye, but no one believes at this time that her becoming pregnant and having a baby right now is a good idea.”

“They want Bianca to have children and they want grandchildren, but they want them to grow up in a stable and loving household. Life with Kanye is not stable at all,” they concluded.

Currently, Bianca is a stepmother to her husband’s four children whom he shares with Kim: North, 10, Saint, eight, Chicago, six, and Psalm, five.

Bianca appeared to be very solemn while walking into the hotel

Bianca appeared to be very solemn while walking into the hotel.
Credit: BackGrid

A source claimed that Bianca and Kanye's marriage will not last much longer

A source claimed that Bianca and Kanye’s marriage will not last much longer.
Credit: Getty

Other sources claim Bianca wants to have a child with Ye

Other sources claim Bianca wants to have a child with Ye.
Credit: Getty
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