Why does Kanye West force his wife to wear revealing clothes?

Women who have or are currently dating Kanye West all pursue bold fashion. Media experts say that is not a coincidence.

In the Just B with Bethenny Frankel podcast on March 28, Amber Rose said she was turned into a “𝓈ℯ𝓍y woman” and 𝓈ℯ𝓍ually attracted to others in an unwanted way when she dated Kanye West 16 years ago.

“He forced me to dress provocatively. Because I was young and it was my first time falling in love with a celebrity, I still agreed to do so even though it did not reflect my true self,” the model recalled.

After the breakup, Rose said she couldn’t dress differently because the filmmakers and brands had framed her in that image. If you do otherwise, the American model will easily lose her career opportunity.

What the women around Kanye West have in common

Amber Rose’s share attracted attention after images of Bianca Censori dressed as nude with high frequency covered the home pages of newspapers. During her public appearances with West, she always promoted designs that exposed most of her skin.

The 29-year-old beauty’s series of incredibly 𝓈ℯ𝓍y outfits made the public frown and feel uncomfortable. Even Leo Censori, Censori’s father, felt embarrassed and wanted to question West for letting his daughter wear offensive clothes.

Julia Fox, West’s ex-lover, revealed to  that she was once surprised by the rapper with a room full of clothes he personally selected, deciding what she should wear on a date. And of course, Fox comes out as hot as can be.

During their brief relationship with the owner of the album  , model Juliana Nalú, Chaney Jones was also considered no different from a Kim Kardashian clone when promoting cut-out or tight-fitting outfits to flatter her hourglass figure.

The women who passed through Kanye West’s life all dressed boldly. Photo: Pinterest/Us Weekly/The Sun.

The women who passed through Kanye West’s life all dressed boldly. Photo: Pinterest/Us Weekly/The Sun.

The women who passed through Kanye West’s life all dressed boldly. Photo: Pinterest/Us Weekly/The Sun.

The women who passed through Kanye West’s life all dressed boldly. Photo: Pinterest/Us Weekly/The Sun.

The women who passed through Kanye West’s life all dressed boldly. Photo: 

Above all,  commented that if we were to say the most successful “stylist product” under West’s hands, it would be none other than his ex-wife Kim Kardashian. The reality TV star also admitted the pressure every time she chooses an outfit because she no longer receives advice from her ex-husband.

She told her sister Kourtney on  : “I used to ask him for advice on everything, even what I wear. Now I still have panic attacks, like: ‘What should I wear? ‘”. Kardashian expressed gratitude to West for helping her “transform” spectacularly.

When doing an interview with  magazine in 2019, Kardashian opened up that West had radically changed her wardrobe. At that time, she wondered why the rapper wanted to eliminate almost everything. But now she understands.

“You are my best stylist. You show me a new path. I really had no artistic qualities or anything before,” she added.

In short  it is not difficult to realize that what Kim Kardashian, Bianca Censori, Amber Rose… looked like before, when they are next to West, they all become completely different versions but have the same characteristics: revealing clothes and being different.

Controversial marketing campaign

 is a question that haunts many people and there are reports that West forced his wife to wear eye-catching clothes. Experts say this is related to Kim Kardashian.

Responding to  , British media expert Mark Borkowski said West “effectively used Censori to copy his ex-wife’s advertising tactics”.

Borkowski analyzed: “Kanye clearly understands the source of public outrage but still tries to explode the Internet, as long as Bianca gets attention. He will do anything with his wife, as long as she is the center of the story.” discussion”.

Experts say Kanye West uses women’s bodies for marketing. Photo: Us Weekly.

Experts say Kanye West uses women’s bodies for marketing. Photo: 

According to experts, the audience will think that Censori is wearing an offensive outfit because she is controlled by West, but others may think that the female architect voluntarily realized her husband’s crazy idea. “Everyone participates in the discussion, but not many people notice that some of Bianca’s outfits are designed for advertising,” Borkowski emphasized, emphasizing that this is the male rapper’s ultimate goal.

Before Censori, West also applied this type of marketing to some old lovers. But for some reason, they were only together for a short period of time. There is speculation that the beauties did not agree to become puppets and let West control them.

The marketing strategy using women’s bodies has caused West to be criticized for being 𝓈ℯ𝓍ist, degrading women, and creating inappropriate physical desire for those who see images of the silhouettes. pink next to this rapper.

A report by  said that men are more easily stimulated by appearance than women. Based on research by the Dawson Women’s Shelter, 55% of men and 40% of women believe that women are more likely to be harassed if they wear revealing clothing. According to experts, women should be the ones to decide how 𝓈ℯ𝓍y they will dress to avoid the risk of 𝓈ℯ𝓍ual abuse.

“Women – the ones who directly choose and buy clothes – are the ones who decide whether they will be successful or not. Women need to maintain their stance to feel safe and comfortable with their choice of clothes. . Don’t let others tell you what to wear,” concluded 

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