Kanye West risks potential long-term oral health issues with his expensive titanium denture implants

Kanye West risks potential long-term oral health issues with his expensive titanium denture implants

Despite rumors that Kanye West may have a fifth child on the way, it appears the rapper isn’t putting his health first.

After debuting his new set of $850,000 titanium dentures, dental professionals are questioning the long-term safety of his new teeth.

Page Six confirmed that Kanye had a pair of “fixed prosthodontics” added to his mouth.

He enlisted the help of Dr. Thomas Connelly, who refers to himself as the “Father of Diamond Dentistry,” to perform the controversial aesthetic change. The rapper went on to reveal his new metal implants last Wednesday.

Why 'grills' can give you honking breath: As Kanye West 'replaces his teeth  with $850,000 titanium band', dentists warn of side effects of trend  peddled by likes of Rita Ora, Rihanna and

Kanye’s New Teeth Could Hurt Him In The Long-Term

Kanye West Via Instar 

Now, there’s been discussion that Kanye’s new implants aren’t only expensive but also potentially dangerous for his oral health.

Speaking to Daily Mail, Australian dentist Dr. Sam Koh explained, “Microscopically, there will be a lot of food, bacteria and debris getting underneath the titanium which can then cause a lot of bad breath, sensitivity, tooth decay and gum issues such as disease and infection if the titanium is there long term.”

“The remaining part of the teeth will move over time, causing deterioration of the glue that is holding the titanium in place,” the medical expert continued. “This would then result in either the bridge coming loose over time, or much worse, dental decay, infection and disease with the bacteria able to then get inside the teeth.”

Why Kanye Is Reportedly Obsessed With His Teeth

Kanye West
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While Kanye’s new teeth may seem like a random choice, a source told that the rapper has had a fascination with his teeth for some time, even alleging Ye keeps a dozen dentists on rotation.

“He brought one dentist to another dentist office to show him how to work on his teeth,” they said.

The source added that Kanye’s obsession with his teeth started in 2002 when a car accident left him with his jaw wired shut. He went on to record his first single “Through The Wire” while his jaw was still wired closed.

Though Kanye has had various grills in and out of his mouth over the years, what makes his new teeth standout is that they’re permanent, which could cause health problems in the future.

“They are, as the name suggests, fixed and permanent,” the source continued. “This goes way beyond veneers or grills. And his particular implant is quite unlike anything that has been done before.” The insider added, “All that said … his teeth weren’t removed.”

Kanye hasn’t responded to the concern over how the implants may impact his health, but he may have other things on his mind, considering there’s been speculation that his wife Bianca Censori is pregnant. The former Yeezy employee has been seen in uncharacteristically baggy clothing recently. Coupled with the fact that she’s not showing off as much skin as she’s becoome infamously known for, some have wondered if she’s hiding a baby bump.

Kanye married Bianca in December 2022, only a month after finalizing his divorce from Kim Kardashian. Ye and Kim share four children.

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