Kanye West has ‘molded and stripped down’ Bianca Censori’s style – he likes his women to be ‘trophies,’ says expert

THE simply-dressed student posing for photos years back seems a far cry from the carefully-styled bombshell who’s now married to Kanye West.

But a stylist has said he may have seized the opportunity to shape Bianca Censori when they met while she struggled with her identity.

12A stylist told The U.S. Sun how Bianca Censori’s (seen here in May with Kanye West) style has been shaped and molded by her new husbandCredit: Getty12Bianca used to wear nondescript outfits which a fashion stylist claimed showed that she did not know who she was when she was a studentCredit: Instagram

Bianca, 28, and Kanye, 46, visited Tokyo in June as reports swirled that he had flown there to meet her parents for the first time.

This came seven months after the pair appeared to have tied the knot in a secret ceremony in Los Angeles in January.

During the trip, the former model was photographed visiting a Hello Kitty store with her husband and stepdaughter North West, 10.

As Bianca walked through the shop, her outfit matched her husband’s in style, color, and texture.

In an exclusive interview, celebrity stylist Tavia Sharp told The U.S. Sun: “Kanye has stripped off all the labels but also stripped down Bianca’s entire look.

“They both wear matching soft materials and muted colors.

“Before Bianca met Kanye she did not have this futuristic look, style, or identity.

“Back then, Bianca was probably trying to figure out who she was.

“This would have been a perfect opportunity for Kanye to mold someone new that he had just met.

“Kanye also appears to like to have women on his arm who look like trophies.

“He shaped Bianca’s style and identity.”

12Bianca and Kanye (seen here in Tokyo in June) wear matching muted colors and textures said Tavia SharpCredit: Reddit12Bianca (seen here in June) wears tights and a top where her fashion has been stripped down by Kanye said a stylistCredit: BackGrid

The facts surrounding Bianca’s life in the run-up to marrying Kanye are cloudy.

She only confirmed her current marital status on TikTok in May.

At the time, Bianca told a fan: “I’m married.”

Professionally, it has been reported that Bianca began working for Kanye’s brand Yeezy brand in November 2020.

The architectural designer had relocated to the United States from Melbourne, Australia.

According to her LinkedIn profile, Bianca had also worked as a student architect, a design consultant, and a jewelry designer.

12Tavia Sharp claimed Bianca wore her hair loose and wore did not care about her clothes before she met KanyeCredit: Instagram/biancasensori

“Bianca’s past photos show a nondescript look,” added Tavia, who has styled Chrissy Teigan and Drake.

“This seems bizarre for a model and somebody who was working in the creative space.

“Bianca had her hair hanging loose and this was not styled either.

“Her focus may have been on her beauty as opposed to her style.

“Bianca looked a bit lost before and perhaps did not know who she was.

“She now always wears neutral colors and soft-textured, body-revealing outfits.

“Perhaps Bianca would not be Kanye’s partner if she had not changed her style.

“They would be a mismatch if she had not moved forward and created this new image.

“Kanye is certainly influencing Bianca who was young and moldable.”

12Kanye and Bianca (seen here in May) wear matching outfits when out in Los Angeles and did not have this futuristic before said Tavia SharpCredit: BackGrid

While Bianca’s past is shrouded in mystery, it is not the first time Kanye has transformed a partner’s looks.

After marrying reality star Kim Kardashian in 2014, the controversial producer overhauled her wardrobe.

From bright bodycon dresses and Juicy Couture track pants, Kim, 42, would end up being dressed by Balenciaga and Thierry Mugler.

12A fashion stylist has told how Kanye (seen here with Kim in 2020) took the reality stars fashion to a whole new levelCredit: Getty12Kim (seen here in 2006) wore simple clothes before she married Kanye in 2014 and when she already had a brandCredit: Getty

Similarly, our expert noted how actress Julia Fox followed suit.

The Uncut Gems star, 33, dated Kanye in 2022 for a few months.

“I would imagine Kanye had a style influence on all these women including Julia,” said Tavia.

“Kim had her brand before she met him, but he still took her to a whole other level.

“I do not think Bianca will get to that level.”

12Actress Julia Fox transformed her style to match Kanye after dating him for a few months in 2022Credit: Getty

Sharp suggested Bianca perhaps team up with a professional stylist instead of Kanye.

“She could work with someone to help her create a brand and a platform so she can carve out her own way,” she advised.

“She could be working with an up-and-coming designer and wear sculptural pieces.

12Bianca started to wear different clothes when she worked for Kanye in 2022 and before they secretly married in JanuaryCredit: Splash

“The crop tops, boots, and leggings are just a bit odd.

“All they say is: ‘I am matching Kanye.’ They do not enhance her beauty.

“The issue is if they did not match, it might be problematic for her.

“It would be nice if Bianca said how she really wanted to dress at this stage in her life.”

12Kanye (seen here in 2019) has stripped down his own style and used to wear high end labels and brands a stylist has saidCredit: Getty12A fashion stylist said that Kanye (seen here in 2022) likes to have women on his arm who look like trophiesCredit: Getty

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