Victoria is the one who decides most of the family matters, so what role does Beckham play?

Beckham’s parents were afraid that their son would lose his football career because he was too attached to Victoria.

Until now, Mrs. Beck still dominates her husband, deciding on most big and small matters in the house.

In a Mirror interview , Craig Ainsworth, former bodyguard of David and Victoria Beckham, called Mrs. Beck “the boss of the family”, above Beckham and deciding on most important matters.

In the recently released documentary, Victoria Beckham portrays the image of a woman who decides everything.

The former bodyguard commented that Beckham is an accurate representation of the life of the famous family.

As for calling Victoria the mistress of the house, Craig Ainsworth says it makes perfect sense. “Victoria always keeps to herself, when not working, she just likes to be with her children.

With proper education, her children always behave properly. To maintain popularity and a peaceful family, they always do the right thing as correct as possible,” Ainsworth said.

The former bodyguard of the Beck family said that not only Beck, but most of the women he met were responsible in the family. Craig Ainsworth believes that the secret to helping them live together until now is to always be honest in everything.

Craig Ainsworth once served in the Afghanistan war. After being discharged from the army, he applied to be a bodyguard for the Beck family, working from 2013-2015. Ainsworth said that in order to get the “dream job” of many bodyguards, he had to sign an agreement not to disclose family information for 50 years. In addition, Ainsworth had to undergo a pepper spray test and handle a hypothetical situation of confronting an MMA fighter.

In addition to the Beck family, Craig Ainsworth used to be a bodyguard for Johnny Depp, Jennifer Lawrence and Arnold Schwarzenegger. Each star has strict requirements, the most common provision is not to disclose personal information.

Recently, the Beck-Vic brand became hot again thanks to a documentary depicting life, revealing many never-before-told stories about former player David Beckham. The most interesting episode in the movie is Beckham’s affair 20 years ago.

After telling the story of his affair and being forgiven by his wife, many hidden corners about Beckham continued to be revealed. The third person who intervened in Beck-Vic’s relationship many years ago was Rebecca Loos. She decided to speak up because Beckham’s confession turned her life upside down.

In a Daily Mail interview , Rebecca Loos said Beckham had affairs with many people. She once caught the former British football player in a private room with other models.

Rebecca Loos said she spoke out because she wanted to protect her family. Everything seemed to be forgotten until David Beckham mentioned it again to attract attention. Loos said she could not understand why the former British football player turned himself into a victim, blaming all the adultery on her.

In the Beckham documentary , family and relatives of the 48-year-old former player said it was no coincidence that Victoria was the one who decided everything in the house. Victoria is his first love, and Beckham is also dependent and subordinate to his wife.

Gary Neville, Beckham’s former teammate, said the former football player wanted to marry Victoria as soon as he saw her on television. After falling in love, Beckham was willing to drive several hours just to see Victoria for a short time.

“In his free time, Beck talks to Victoria non-stop. The two always call until 1 a.m. It’s not wrong to say that Beckham is attached to his wife. Sometimes he drives 4 hours to be with his lover for 20 minutes. “, said Neville.

Even Beckham’s attachment to his lover in his youth made the former player’s parents scared. “We were just afraid that our child would lose everything just because of love. My child loved football very much, until Victoria appeared,” Beckham’s mother, Sandra, said about her son.

Beckham himself also admitted that he was dependent on his wife. Recalling the years when he first fell in love, the former England football captain said he never regretted doing everything just to meet his lover.

“I don’t care how many times I look at my wife, I always want to look at my wife. You know, I once drove to London, England just to see her for 7 minutes,” Beckham said in the documentary.

David Beckham met Victoria (at that time the famous Spice Girls singer Posh) while the female singer performed at a Manchester United match. Talking about his impression of his wife, Beckham shared: “We all have our own Spice Girls, obviously Victoria is my favorite. Apparently my wife also likes me, she wrote her phone number on the train ticket, until now I still have it”.

Meanwhile, Victoria Beckham is impressed by her husband as a family-oriented man. “While other players stand outside the bar drinking, Beckham is always next to his family. As someone who is close to his family, I really like that. My husband also has a beautiful smile,” she told Vogue.

After a period of courtship, David Beckham and Victoria became engaged in 1998 and married in July 1999, when their first son was 4 months old. The wedding of the famous British star couple at that time was held at Luttrellstown ancient castle, Dublin, Ireland. According to Metro , Beckham and Victoria’s wedding cost about 750,000 pounds, not a small amount in 1999.

Victoria and David Beckham have four children. The British star couple guided their children towards art from an early age. In addition to eldest son Brooklyn, who is married and works as a chef, second son Romeo followed his father’s football career, currently playing for Brentford B. Stepson Cruz is currently a musician, collaborating with producer Max Wolfgang.

The youngest daughter of the famous family was born in 2011. She often follows her parents and sits in the front row at fashion weeks. Recently, Beckham’s daughter often posts makeup videos for her mother. “I was surprised that my child could apply makeup on her entire face quite neatly. I think it’s a talent,” Victoria told The Times.

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