Victoria Beckham forbids her daughter to wear makeup but hides the fact that she had a breast augmentation

David Beckham and Victoria’s family has many children together, including 3 boys and 1 girl.

For that reason, Harper Beckham is the youngest girl to receive the most attention from domestic and international media.

The older the kid gets, the more he attracts fans and makes the press “restless” with small changes in appearance.

Recently, in an interview with Allure, Victoria Beckham revealed a surprise when her daughter turned 12 years old.

The fashion designer said that David’s “drinking daughter” has a strong interest in beauty.  “Harper is obsessed with makeup, with everything related to beauty ,” Vic said.

The mother of four children also said that she pays attention to every small detail on her face and appearance.

“Yesterday she showed me that she had a gap in her tooth and a mole. I said it was a lucky gap.

Supermodel Cindy Crawford is a family friend and I told her “She said that Cindy once wanted to remove her mole

But then it was the mole that made Cindy Crawford’s name,” Vic recounted how she taught her child to appreciate the natural things on the body.

She said she forbids her daughter from wearing makeup when going out.  “I don’t allow my child to wear makeup when going out, except for special occasions.

She can comfortably make friends with makeup except for special occasions,” Mrs. Beck told The Times.

When asked about plastic surgery, Vic also admitted that he had never mentioned this topic to Harper. “Honestly, I wish I had never had breast augmentation.

When the time is right, I think I can share it with my daughter, but we haven’t reached that point yet,” Ms. Becks said.

According to Vic’s biographer, her first breast augmentation surgery was performed in 1999 – after giving birth to her eldest son Brooklyn.

Vic continued to have another procedure in 2006 to have a breast size of 34 DD, but in 2009 she announced that she had had her breast implants removed.

Vic is said to have shrunk her bust from size 34DD to 34B and has now returned to size 34A like when she was famous as a Spice Girl singer.

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