Tyson Fury claims that he will defy the alcohol laws in Qatar following his fight

Tyson Fury is planning a trip to Qatar after his fight against Derek Chisora tonight, and claims he will sneak alcohol into the country.

Tyson Fury claims that he will defy the alcohol laws in Qatar following his fight

Tyson Fury is set to face off against Derek Chisora for the third time tonight, at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium. However, Fury has revealed his plans following the flight, which includes travelling to Qatar and bringing alcohol with him.

Fury has told The Sun that he has already planned to travel to Qatar for a holiday, and to watch the Three Lions in the World Cup.

Alcohol sales are under strict control in the country, but it was set to be sold in and around stadiums at the World Cup.

However, just two days before the first match kicked off, there was a U-turn and it was decided that no alcohol would be sold around stadiums, leaving several fans in disarray. It would still be sold in fan zones away from the stadium though.

Fury has the same level of confidence for England’s chances against Senegal, with a win meaning they will progress to the quarter finals of the World Cup.

He has said that he will go to Qatar to cheer on his country in the quarter final following tonight’s fight, and has vowed to bring alcohol into the stadium.

He claimed that the alcohol ban at Qatar’s eight World Cup stadiums was ‘no bother’ for him, and that he’ll get ‘messy again’ in Qatar for a possible quarter final clash against France or Poland.

Fury boldly stated: “I’ll put it up my top. Who’s going to stop me? I’m not an alcoholic, I’m just a devil for the drink.”

The two-time world heavyweight champion is reportedly planning to go for a lads’ holiday without his wife and children to the Middle Eastern nation.

Fury is planning a trip to Qatar following tonight's fight. (Image

“I’m 100 percent going to get messy with the fans. I’m known for that. I’m going to sneak a few cases in my suitcase.” He said with regard to bringing alcohol to the country.

“They can have anything they want — whatever gets them going.”

Fury has a history of going to football tournaments and partying with fans, ordering over 200 jagerbombs and accumulating a bill of £850 for fans during Euro 2016 in France.

It should be noted that in Qatar, drinking in public areas, i.e areas where it is not legal to do so, a prison sentence of up to 6 months and/or a fine up to QAR 3,000 (£670) will be issued.

England supporters pictured in Qatar. (Image

On top of that, the 34-year-old aims to meet England captain Harry Kane and the rest of the squad for a pep talk ahead of the quarter final if they are to beat Senegal.

“I would tell them forget about what you’re thinking, just go and f***ing win.”

He did send a message to the England players too, saying: “You’ve done all the hard work to get into this position so just go out there and enjoy the game.”

Tonight, Fury vs Chisora III takes place in London at the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium, with Fury defending the WBC heavyweight title.

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