The outcome of the contentious Mike Tyson vs. Jake Paul bout is selected by Anthony Joshua.

The victor of the Mike Tyson vs. Jake Paul fight is predicted by Anthony Joshua

Anthony Joshua recently weighed in on the Mike Tyson vs Jake Paul exhibition fight that has been getting a lot of headlines due to the nature of the boxers, the legendary “Iron” Mike Tyson will try to move like his glory days at 58, while the Jake Paul at 27 has been doing exhibition fights constantly after he jumped from YouTube to the ring, and is looking to make his bones as a certified prizefighter.

Anthony Joshua predicts the winner of the Mike Tyson vs Jake Paul bout

Anthony Joshua reflected on his pick between both with mixed feelings “[Tyson] is older now, I pray that he comes out healthy, I think Jake Paul [wins] because of youth, that’s the only thing.

While being interviewed at the Joshua said on The Jonathan Ross Show this week and elaborated “I personally think it’s really good. I think the boxing hardcores, they don’t like it, because they think, ‘Why are they disrespecting our sport?

While also adding “But I think that [influencer] brings all these people into boxing, which benefits everyone else. Everyone viewing helps.”

A lot has been said about how the Mike Tyson vs Jake Paul fight is also breaking ground by being Netflix’s first live sports event, and some entertainment businessmen like Dana White believe it was about time they dipped their toes in live streaming sports.

UFC head honcho, Dana White weighed in on what it meant for Netflix to now get into the live sports game “I think they’re late to the game, but they are a force. They’re a force, man.” While claiming “I think that Netflix should’ve gotten into live sports years ago,”.

Jake Paul recently fought Ryan Bourland and lifted his arm victoriously after having fought and lost to Tyson Fury’s brother, Tommy Fury, meanwhile, Tyson has only fought once in 2020 since his retirement in 2005.

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