The mind-blowing stats behind Francis Ngannou’s record-breaking punch power ahead of Tyson Fury fight

This is crazy power.

The mind-blowing stats behind Francis Ngannou's record-breaking punch power ahead of Tyson Fury fight

Dana White’s comments on Francis Ngannou’s record-breaking power have resurfaced ahead of his fight with Tyson Fury.

UFC legend Ngannou is set to grace the ring with the self-proclaimed ‘Gypsy King’ on Saturday for their combat sports crossover.

Although there are no titles on the line, the winner will be able to call themselves the ‘Baddest Man on the Planet’.

The showdown, which will take place in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, after Fury’s original fight against Oleksandr Usyk was abandoned due to alleged contract issues.

But while Ngannou may not be the heavyweight champion of the world, he certainly packs a punch which is demonstrated in the statistics.

White previously opened up on the record-breaking power of Ngannou, who has been taking training tips from none other than Mike Tyson.

Ngannou set a record for the hardest punch ever measured when he visited the UFC Performance Centre in 2017.

Ahead of his rematch with UFC heavyweight champion Stipe Miocic in 2021, UFC president White explained why being hit by ‘The Predator’ is like being struck by a speeding car.

“Francis is a guy who has the world record for the most powerful punch,” White told talkSPORT.

“His punches are equivalent to 96 horsepower. That’s equal to getting hit by a Ford Escort going as fast as it can and it’s more powerful than a 12-pound sledgehammer from full force overhead. Holy s**t.”

Note: we absolutely do not recommend getting hit by a top-speed car or a 12lb sledgehammer in order to see if you can stand up to Ngannou’s power. But it does give you an idea of what Fury will be facing on Saturday.

Ngannou is widely viewed as the most destructive pure puncher in the UFC’s heavyweight division. It’s a similar status held by the French-Canadian’s hero, Mike Tyson, in the boxing world during the late 1980s and 1990s.

Speaking about his new student when Ngannou was hoping to fight Fury back in 2021, Tyson explained exactly how to defeat the 35-year-old.

“The theory is, he punches long and when you punch like that, when he punches long, you got hooks inside that will move him around. Hard punches to the body.

“And with the uppercut. You hit him, boom. But it’s always more than one punch. Hit that body then boom. Even numbers of the right hand, odd numbers of the left hand.

“He’s got long arms, you got to go in and move your head. You got to make him miss. When you come fast, there’s only two punches he can throw and that’s straights or hooks. And you’re anticipating them – you’re going to get in close.”

However, Fury’s father, John, is less than pleased that ‘Iron Mike’ is training up his son’s opponent, with the family name on the line.

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