People are already calling for Francis Ngannou to fight Tyson Fury in his boxing debut

“It sucks he parted ways, but I hope that him and Tyson Fury fight for a lot of f**king money.”

People are already calling for Francis Ngannou to fight Tyson Fury in his boxing debut

Rumours about Francis Ngannou’s next career path have already begun swirling following his departure from the UFC.

Given the fact that Ngannou was arguably one of the hardest hitters in MMA history, it seems only logical that he makes the transition into boxing.

But instead of easing his way into the sport, some fans are already calling for him to fight the very best in the business in undefeated heavyweight world champion Tyson Fury.

Not just your average Joe fight fan is saying this, though, even some of the UFC’s top stars are hoping it’ll happen too.

“I think it’s a damn shame to see Francis go,” Sean Strickland told reporters following his win over Nassourdine Imavov at UFC Fight Night 217.

Francis Ngannou. Image: PA Images
Francis Ngannou. Image: PA Images

“He’s iconic in the UFC. He’s probably one of the greatest heavyweights we’ve ever had.

“It sucks he parted ways, but I hope that him and Tyson Fury fight for a lot of f**king money. That’s a fight we deserve. Again, it sucks he left. I’d love to see him fight in the UFC.

“If the ‘Gypsy King’ sacks up and takes that fight against Francis, I mean, that’s ‘go f**k yourself’ money. That’s ‘I can go pee in a golden toilet seat. I can do whatever the f**k I want.’ It sucks he leaves, but if he can get that big money with Tyson, hat’s off to you Francis. Enjoy your ‘go f**k yourself money.’”

Tyson Fury. Image: Alamy
Tyson Fury. Image: Alamy

If the calls are heard and a promoter somehow manages to get both Ngannou and Fury to sign on the dotted line, then it’ll come as a shock to most people – particularly Dana White.

When discussing severing ties with Ngannou, the UFC president seemed adamant that the Cameroonian rejected a new deal so he could ‘fight lesser opponents and make more money’.

“We offered Francis a deal that would’ve made him the highest paid heavyweight in the history of the company – more than (Brock) Lesnar, more than anybody – and he turned the deal down,” White told reporters at the UFC Fight Night 217 post-fight news conference.

“We get to this point, and I’ve told you guys this before, if you don’t want to be here, you don’t have to be here. I think Francis is in a place right now where he doesn’t want to take a lot of risks. He feels he’s in a good position where he can fight lesser opponents and make more money.

“So we’re going to let him do that. We’re going to release him for his contract. We’re going to give up our right to match, and he can go and do whatever he wants. That’s where we’re at.”

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