Mike Tyson – The Brutal Knockouts against Monsters

He has been called the toughest athlete in the history of boxing. Mike Tyson, Iron Mike, The World’s Most Dangerous Man is a martial arts legend. The most expensive heavyweight fighter, the strongest puncher, the best in many other ways. His record stands at 50 wins, 44 of them by knockout.

Edgar Berlanga labeled ‘Greatest power-puncher since Mike Tyson’

Hall of Famer promoter Bob Arum has heaped high praise on one of his Top Rank prospects comparing the KO artist to a young Mike Tyson.

Edgar Berlanga Jr, who moved to 16-0 with a 16th straight first-round knockout earlier this month, is certainly living up to his name at ‘The Chosen One.’

The 23-year-old dumps fellow-pros on the canvas for fun and is quickly becoming one of the most exciting fighters in the world.

When Berlanga is on a card, the boxing community knows about it. The sheer happening is becoming an event on its own.

Arum, who knows a thing or two about knockouts, couldn’t have given Berlanga any bigger compliment after his latest triumph.


“Edgar Berlanga Jr is the greatest power-punching phenomenon I’ve seen since the heyday of a young Mike Tyson,” declared Arum,

“I am absolutely astounded when I witness this incredible power of his punches from ringside,” he added.

The fighter himself is obviously trying to keep his feet on the ground but says he receives love and hate in equal measure anyway.

“I’m most hated right now. They don’t like seeing a young man prosper,” pointed out Berlanga.

“Keep hating. You really are going to hate me more and more. If they ain’t talking about me, then I’m not popping!”

Taking out Ulises Sierra at the MGM Grand on December 12, Berlanga’s afterthoughts were that of a super-confident fighter.

“I was thinking about going to the second round when it hit on two minutes,” he said. “Just to let the guy slide and take him out in the second.

“But I said f— that! Ain’t no guy whose eyes are criss-cross looking at me going to be in front like that. You gotta work your a– off to get out that round.”


Berlanga reveled in his ratings as TV audiences continue lapping up his broadcasts.

“2.2 million viewers saw my fight on Saturday (December 12th), making it one of the highest-rated fights of 2020.

“I showed everyone I’m the next big thing. I’m now the main event attraction, and I want that money that comes with it.

“When your a strong fighter and could box and punch now, that’s dangerous. I’m that type of fighter.

“I haven’t done s— in the sport of boxing but break knockout records. I want more,” concluded the New Yorker.

A world title shot beckons for Berlanga in 2021.

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