Max Verstappen Promotes ‘Best Friend’ Nico Hulkenberg’s Merchandise on His Exclusive Brand Destination

Max Verstappen Promotes ‘Best Friend’ Nico Hulkenberg’s Merchandise on His Exclusive Brand Destination
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Max Verstappen and Nico Hulkenberg had an unlikely alliance away from the track where the two F1 drivers paired up for business. According to a report on Reddit, the Red Bull driver would have Hulkenberg’s white-green Moneygram Haas helmets for sale on his website


Even though Verstappen and Hulkenberg never raced together in F1 and are not compatriots, there is a different sense of amicable relationship between them. According to renowned Dutch journalist Erik van Haren, the duo are great friends, and who knows they might be ‘best friends’ as well.

Therefore, friends doing business together is not an uncommon scenario, and this is what both of them followed recently. Verstappen will have 1:2 model mini Hulkenberg helmets for sale now on his website, each priced at $194.50. Interestingly, they are also in talks to bring in caps and model cars of the Haas F1 team on the website in the future.


These helmets are scale-size and rare, to say the least. Apart from these, fans can also buy the three-time world champion’s Red Bull scale-sized helmets, overalls, shirts, jackets, and team wear.

However, one must remember, that they were not used or worn by Verstappen, and hence not exclusive. Apart from these, the website also offers Red Bull cars [scale models], and race tickets for sale.

What makes so important?

Max Verstappen is the most sought-after driver in Formula 1 currently. In the last few years, he has three world titles and raked in multiple Grand Prix wins. This brought him immense fame and took him near the likes of Lewis Hamilton, Michael Schumacher, and Sebastian Vettel in terms of global recognition.

Therefore, Verstappen has become a brand now and as a result, earned prominence on the internet. Apart from having his own contract and image rights, the Dutchman also brought up this website that sells everything related to him. Therefore, it will not be unfair to call it a one-stop place to buy all his merchandise.


Max Verstappen has multiple projects under him. From his collaboration with Team Redline to Racing and the website, the Dutchman is sitting pretty with all of his investments and startups.

He currently has a reported net worth of $210 million and he garnered a formidable amount from his merchandise sales. However, the exact range is still unknown but it is believed it is one of his three sources [two others being his salary and brand endorsement] of income.

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