Jake Paul’s ‘life flashed before his eyes’ as Tyson Fury gatecrashes his interview as he’s trash-talking John Fury

Fans are convinced that despite the light-hearted face-off that Paul was fearing for his life

Jake Paul's 'life flashed before his eyes' as Tyson Fury gatecrashes his interview as he's trash-talking John Fury

Jake Paul’s mouth almost got him into a whole lot of trouble.

The internet sensation has (again) pencilled in a date with Tommy Fury in a matchup that is a year in the making.

The pair confronted each other on the weekend, with the trash-talking well and truly in overdrive.

The YouTuber-turned-boxer was being interviewed as he began to dish some dirt on Fury’s father John, claiming he ‘doesn’t know s**t about boxing’.

However, Paul was almost left with pie on his face as his ‘life flashed before his eyes’ as a surprises gatecrasher walked into the room, as you can see in the hilarious video below.

Jake Paul was terrified Tyson Fury was going to punch him
Tyson Fury threw a joke punch at Jake Paul and the YouTuber looked petrified. Credit: SPORTbible

As Paul finishes his sentence a concerned look makes its way onto his face as the heavyweight legend Tyson Fury walks into the room.

Although, it’s all fun and games as Fury runs over to the 26-year-old and pretends to lay a punch.

The pair embrace as Fury congratulates him on signing on for the fight on February 26.

However, fans are convinced that despite the light-hearted face-off that Paul was fearing for his life upon realising who had entered the room.

One said: “You could literally see the fear.”

Another wrote: “Jake’s life flashed before his eyes.”

A third added: “Absolutely s**t his pants.”

And even Paul agreed as he sat down after Tyson had left the room.

He told the cameras: “I really thought he was going to f***ing punch me when he came in.”

But it seems Tyson is as excited about the fight between his brother and The Problem Child as anyone.

PA Images / Alamy

He shared some thoughts on the fight, saying: “The two guys are putting it on. They’re both undefeated and whoever loses is pretty much f***ed, I think.

“There’s not a lot to say. It’s like me, when you speak a lot of s*** you have to back it up and that’s it.

“I’ve been doing these for years, 30-odd times in a row and now it’s time for the big boys to do it. I’m excited, I’m really excited.”

The fight is set to take place in Saudi Arabia on February 26.

Tommy was forced to pull out in December 2021 due to a rib injury and then pulled out again in August 2022 due to a US visa issue.

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