Exercises that help David Beckham maintain six-pack abs at the age of 48 make netizens blush

According to Hello Magazine, in a new post on social networks, David Beckham tells fans how he practices to stay in shape.

At the age of 48, the former British football player prioritizes physical health, exercising intensely to maintain a toned body.

In the video, which currently has more than 300,000 likes, David Beckham performs sit-ups with a pull-up bar.

The former famous player’s exercises were designed by athlete Bobby Rich, focusing on the lower abdomen, making the most of the body’s strength to burn fat.

David Beckham tensed his facial muscles, trying to do the exercise with 20 folds. At the end of the exercise, the British football superstar’s abs were clearly visible.

In the comments section, fans left compliments and admiration for Beckham’s sense of staying in shape: “I know why he is always in shape”

“He is healthier than other players at his time”, “Few people let I want to have a physique like Beckham’s”…

Others said they were “hypnotized” while watching Beckham do his abdominal exercises.

The opinion “Beckham looks like a wine bottle, the more it soaks, the better it tastes” received many likes and comments in agreement.

David Beckham recently continuously posted videos and pictures showing off his toned body.

The former British football player was praised for his improved performance at the age of U50 thanks to hard training and a scientific diet.

Appearing with his three sons, David Beckham was even praised for being more attractive thanks to his youthful fashion style and toned physique.

Recently, Beckham and his wife often share videos of them practicing to stay in shape. But recently, Victoria has had difficulty exercising at the gym due to a foot injury.

The fashion designer said Beckham helped her during her recovery.

Married for 25 years, the relationship between David Beckham and Victoria is increasingly close, according to Hello Magazine.

During an appearance on SiriusXM’s This Life of Mine with James Corden, Beckham said he was attracted to his wife because of her appearance

But it was Victoria’s strength and personality that helped the two have a deep connection.

“I don’t know how strong my wife is, but I just know that I always admire her, which increases over time ,” Beckham said.

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