Ex-F1 Driver Compares ‘Dominant’ Max Verstappen With Tiger Woods – “You Can’t Say It’s Boring”

Ex-F1 Driver Compares ‘Dominant’ Max Verstappen With Tiger Woods - “You Can’t Say It’s Boring”
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Since 2022, Max Verstappen has dominated the sport, with its peak on full display in 2023 when the Dutchman won 19 out of 22 races. The F1 community lauds Verstappen for the same, but many find it boring to see one driver stand on the top step of the podium week in and week out. According to Johnny Herbert, however, Verstappen’s dominance cannot be slept on, or be termed as boring. He compares it to the golden days of golfing legend Tiger Woods.


When Tiger Woods was at the top of his game, we all enjoyed it. His skills were phenomenal. We could see it all and it was still fascinating to see every shot he made,” said Herbert to Inclave Casino as per Dutch Formule1. “But there is only one man who is so dominant. It is a unique skill. You can’t say it’s boring.” 

Woods was the biggest name in golf from 2000 to 2010 and won almost every possible trophy in the sport. Herbert added that Woods’ golf swings are comparable to Verstappen’s race-craft because they’re both legendary.


Contrary to Herbert’s comments, such a display of dominance led to a loss of viewership for F1. The 26-year-old keeps winning almost every race, which makes the public not want to tune into races every week. The American audience, which was once growing rapidly, seems to be losing interest.

According to reports, F1 lost over 650,000 fans in 2023, and in 2024, the number is expected to be even higher. Until and unless the sport becomes competitive again, fans are unlikely to make time for F1. For this, rival teams and drivers keep working hard.

Rivals looking to dethrone Max Verstappen

Rival teams don’t want to be in Red Bull’s shadows for too long. There is still a gap between them and Red Bull, but it is not as huge as it once was. Many expected the Austrian team to win all races in 2024, but that prediction is already out of the window.

This is primarily because of the progress Ferrari and McLaren made in 2023 and over the winter break. Ferrari broke Red Bull’s winning streak twice thanks to Carlos Sainz since the start of the 2023 season. McLaren on the other hand have kept constant pressure on Verstappen and Co. with podium threats.


Earlier this season, when Sainz won in Australia, many hoped for a more competitive showing between Ferrari and Red Bull for the rest of the year. Unfortunately, Verstappen came right back to win the Japanese GP comfortably. So, as things stand, Ferrari and McLaren need more to regularly threaten Red Bull, as the latter goes after their third-consecutive constructors’ title.

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