Even Unshakable Max Verstappen Cannot Fathom Exciting Challenge Approved By A ‘Drunk’ Man

Even Unshakable Max Verstappen Cannot Fathom Exciting Challenge Approved By A 'Drunk' Man
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Being part of Formula 1, Formula E may seem like a downgrade to some. However, Max Verstappen isn’t one of them who thinks so. The Dutchman discussed about the Formula E series during the post-Japanese GP press conference. He expressed his appreciation for the series and also revealed how he raced against some of the drivers currently competing in Formula E. The series also features some drivers well-known to the F1 world as well. This is exactly why the three-time F1 champion also believes that “the level is very high” in Formula E.


In fact, Jake Dennis, the simulator driver for Red Bull who was allowed to drive Verstappen’s RB19 last year, is the reigning Formula E champion. If this doesn’t put faith in the abilities of the drivers competing in the series, one may never know what will. However, there’s one aspect of the recently concluded Tokyo ePrix that amused Verstappen.

A week before the F1 Japanese GP, Formula E was in town to race in Tokyo. Because of his interest in the series, Max Verstappen tracked the racing action and found one aspect of the track amusing.


“It was really cool to see the track in the city, but there was also a real jump in the track. I don’t know who approved that. But he must have been drunk,” said the Dutchman during the press conference.

However, after his comment, he reiterated his respect for the series by complimenting the drivers and the level of competition. Despite enjoying the series, he isn’t keen to take part in it himself. However, there is one member of the extended Red Bull family who paid a visit to the track and loved it.

Yuki Tsunoda and his visit to the Formula E Tokyo ePrix

The inaugural Tokyo ePrix clearly grabbed the attention of the F1 world as well. Visa Cash App RB driver Yuki Tsunoda took it one step further.

The Japanese driver paid a visit to the circuit to engage in several fun activities and even made a surprise appearance for the FIA Girls on Track event. The event hosted young Japanese women who are interested in a future in motorsport.

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At the event, the girls heard industry experts discuss about motorsport. They also received a chance to try their hand at go-karting.

There was also a simulator session available, which attracted Tsunoda. After his turn at the simulator, Tsunoda confessed, “The first time I drove the Formula E simulator was yesterday and I didn’t expect the amount of power this car has”.

The Japanese driver also got the opportunity to meet his old teammate, Nyck de Vries, and shared words of admiration for the Dutchman. He even wished his former ally and his team the best and believed they would be successful.

Last but not least, Tsunoda couldn’t help but express his jealousy toward the racing series. He said, ”I’m very jealous that in Formula E they get to do big events, like in the middle of Tokyo!” Tsunoda feels this way the Tokyo ePrix was the city’s first-ever legal street race. This is a venue F1 can perhaps look to include in the calendar in the future.

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