Despite Being “Very Impressed”, Mike Tyson Gives Brutally Honest Review On Francis Ngannou As His Trainer Ahead Of Tyson Fury Fight

After a long time in the making, the crossover bout between Tyson Fury and Francis Ngannou is finally at hand. The fight which is going to take place in October this year, has garnered attention from both UFC and boxing fans. This bout will mark the debut of the former UFC Heavyweight champion into the sport. Francis Ngannou is known for his destructive power and he has knocked 12 out of the 20 opponents he has faced so far.

Meanwhile, Fury is also a powerhouse who has enough defensive capabilities to absorb all of Deontay Wilder‘s punches. Moreover, Ngannou is even being trained by the best of the best, Mike Tyson! The former boxing champion recently gave his honest review on Ngannou and this is what he feels about the ‘The Predator.’

“He'll Kill Your...”: Mike Tyson Warns Co-host for Challenging Former UFC  Heavyweight Champion Francis Ngannou - EssentiallySports

Francis Ngannou surprises Tyson as the legend trains him for the upcoming bout

Recently, Francis Ngannou appeared on Hotboxin’ with Mike Tyson as a guest, and the topic of his training experience with the boxing legend was brought up. Tyson tried to get the clip from their training played as he asked, “Let’s go check out some of our workouts in the gym.” His co-host DJ Whoo Kid shared his surprise over the clip. However, the Brooklyn native soon found out that they did not have any videos taken. He revealed, “No we told them not to film him. I’m sorry.”

Kid then asks Mike, “Did you bring up some Cus D’Amato techniques to put it on him.” To this, Tyson revealed that since it was the first day of their training he wanted to only assess Ngannou’s capabilities. He said, “I just wanted to see what he had yesterday. Before I decide what I was gonna do with him, okay?”. This led Kid to joke about Tyson giving the former UFC champ “some of the secret sauce”. Tyson stated, “The only thing he needs is more competitiveness, just continue, continue, repeat. Keep going.”

Ngannou opens up about his problems

Soon, Whoo Kid pointed out that a lot of people were not on board with the matchup. To this, Francis replied, “People will always have to intercept.” He claimed that this happens when someone does something people are “not used to” or “they are afraid of.” He then recalled that when he first stated his desire to be a professional boxer/fighter, people around him thought that he was “crazy.” Ngannou revealed how people compared him to ‘Iron Mike’ and stated that he was already a champ by the time he was 19.

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