David doesn’t shower and rides his bike through the Amazon rainforest to find poisonous spiders as a gift for his wife

David Beckham recently shared insights from his jungle adventure in the Amazon rainforest, undertaken for BBC One’s “David Beckham Into the Unknown.”

During the nearly two-week expedition, the retired footballer navigated tarantulas, slept in hammocks

And grappled with the absence of showers, all while being away from his wife Victoria and their four children.

Beckham’s journey also included encounters with the Yanomami tribe, a first-time experience for the tribe to allow cameras into their village.

Despite the language barrier, Beckham attempted to explain football to the tribe members, highlighting the cultural exchange that occurred during the visit.

Reflecting on the trip, Beckham expressed challenges such as adapting to sleeping in hammocks and enduring the lack of hygiene facilities.

However, he also cherished moments of camaraderie with his friends, whom he accompanied on the adventure.

The excursion provided Beckham with a unique opportunity to explore Brazil’s jungles and immerse himself in a different way of life.

Meeting the Yanomami tribe was particularly memorable, underscoring the significance of cultural exchange and mutual respect during his expedition.

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