David Beckham’s relationship with his father is gradually improving because his father almost had a heart attack from

David Beckham’s new Netflix docuseries gave his fans a sneak peek into his life. Sharing all the intimate details,

David and Victoria Beckham even opened up about the toughest phase of their marriage.

From his football career, to what his former coach had to say about him, the docuseries took a deep dive into the 90s legend that is David Beckham.

It also looked at his relationship with his family, be it the decision he took which brought tears to Victoria’s eyes, to his dynamics with his parents.

His parents, although extremely supportive, had their share of disagreements with David. This is particularly true in the case of his father.

Here’s a peek at David’s dynamics with his mother and father.

The Beckham family

The early years of David’s life were all about football. Being the young sensation of Leytonstone at the time, David’s entire childhood was dedicated to improving his craft. Growing up with his father, Ted, mother, Sandra, and two sisters, David had a middle-class upbringing. David went on to train at the Bobby Charlton School, and playing for Manchester United was always his goal. His father, Ted was always a die-hard Manchester United fan and shaped David to be the same way, and aspired for him to play in Old Trafford someday.

David said the following about his parents in the Save Our Squad documentary on Disney+.

“My dad was my inspiration, I wanted to win for him.

“I wanted to play well for him and my mum as well, of course. My mum was the one that was driving me to training, to games, when my dad was working. I, as a parent now, realise how much my parents gave up for me.”

The trouble in paradise

The Netflix docuseries revealed Ted as someone who kept pushing David harder, no matter how much he achieved. But, this was shown in a good light. Despite all the pressure from his father, David was in awe of the way he was raised, with discipline and focus on his craft. But, it is said that his relationship with his dad went for a toss in 2002, when David and his sisters felt that Ted was responsible for the marriage between his parents breaking down.

He said the following in his documentary titled Beckham: My World.

“He loves my mum but he’s never been affectionate to her in front of my two sisters and me. He’s quite hard-faced and can be sarcastic.”

“He also gets fired up easily… The quality I like least in myself is my short temper. I think I get it from my dad.”

The untimely departure from United

Not only did the separation affect the father-son dynamics, but David’s departure from Manchester United did its damage as well. David’s departure from Manchester United was sudden.

And Ted allegedly heard about David’s move from United to Real Madrid through David’s agent, and that just didn’t sit well with him. In fact, Ted’s book even mentioned that David’s fame was one of the reasons he and his wife split up. As per The Express, he said:

“All the hype, all the stress, all the attention – it wasn’t a world we were used to, and it was very tough. By the end, all we had in common was football. We just drifted apart.”

Despite all this happening in the past, the Beckhams have fixed their relationship and seem closer than ever now. They seem to be on great terms, so much so that David was even the best man at his father’s wedding to Hilary Meredith.

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