David Beckham caused controversy when he spent more than 400 pounds to be spoon-fed

David Beckham has been living his best life (well, when isn’t he, let’s be real) and enjoying more fine dining.

The former Manchester United player is forever showing off his favourite cuisines on social media

Making stomachs growl as he tucks into delicacies from around the world on his travels.

His latest stop is Spain, which is where we wish we were spending our January too, amid the blustery winds and freezing temperatures.

Giving fans a glimpse of what’s on offer to him, Becks, 48, not only tucked into some delicious grub at Botafumeiro

But he had it fed to him by the restaurant manager – of course. And in true Beckham style, the restaurant ain’t cheap.

In what can only be described as perfect marketing for his restaurant, Juan Jesús Pérez Alonso took to Instagram with a video, showing him getting up close and personal.

Scooping up a big ol’ forkful of baby eel, he proceeded to hold it up to David’s mouth, who happily gobbled it up with a smile.

Ever the professional, he even held a napkin under Becks’ chin to avoid spillage.

To top off the… intimate experience, the restaurateur wiped David’s face and seemed to take great pleasure in doing so, earning laughs from around the table.

David was clearly loving the attention and had quite the spread out in front of him as he dined with a group of pals.

In the comments of the video – which has been viewed over 260,000 times – fans were loving the interaction between the friendly manager and sporting legend.

‘You are phenomenal, Jesus!’, praised user martona90.‘Omg. Big fan of David 😍’, wrote marycr.7.

Posing with his percebes, a rare seafood from Portugal, he wrote: ‘One of my favourite things to eat when in season in (Spanish flag emoji)’.

‘Soooooooooo good’, he added with, ‘Gracias’. The ‘rare’ seafood in question is known as the world’s most expensive seafood.

Amazingly, the delicacy can set seafood lovers back up to £400 per lb or, if you want a portion between 15 and 20, it’ll cost £80.

As for why their price tag is so eye-watering percebes are so expensive because of how dangerous the harvesting process is for fishermen.

When it comes to the rest of the menu, prices aren’t shown online, but a reviewer previously gave undecided customers the lowdown.

As per MailOnline, a green salad starter at Botafumeiro costs €13.75 (£11.76), while a lobster cocktail starter is €33.75 (£28.85).

A seafood platter for two is €145 (£123.97), bringing the reviewer’s total cost of his bill for one to €158 (£137).

That won’t put a dent in David’s pocket, though, who raked it in last year.

Jaws hit the floor when David’s 2023 earnings were revealed, which mainly highlighted the success of his Netflix documentary series.

It was thanks to the record-breaking docuseries – which attracted 3.8million viewers during its first week – that Becks enjoyed a hefty payday, as it was worth £20million.

Company figures released on Friday (December 29) also revealed that David Beckham Ventures Limited

And Seven Global LLP made an eye-watering profit of £72.6million thanks to sponsorships and David’s production company.

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