Confident Max Verstappen Shares the Only Criteria He Has For His Future Teammate

Confident Max Verstappen Shares the Only Criteria He Has For His Future Teammate
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Lewis Hamilton and Ferrari blew the drivers market wide open after the start of the year shock announcement. The Christian Horner drama added an unexpected twist putting Max Verstappen’s future at Red Bull in doubt. Even Mercedes boss Toto Wolff accepted “anything is possible in this crazy merry-go-round” while expressing his desire to sign the Dutch champion. However, keeping the extreme speculations aside, when asked about his future teammate with the second Red Bull seat still up for grabs, the 3x champion communicated his indifference.


Verstappen’s reply was oozing arrogance and why shouldn’t it? It’s only natural when you have made most of your teammates look like rookies. In his 9 years in the circus, the Dutchman has beaten all his teammates in overall standings except on two occasions.


Verstappen said, “I actually don’t worry about it. Because in the end, whoever is next to me, ultimately, at the end of the year he must finish behind me in the championship anyway.”

These are the words of a man issuing an open warning to everyone eyeing the Red Bull seat in 2025. Luckily, the current generation of Red Bull cars is also helping him maintain the high levels he knows he possesses. He has showcased that with his frightening consistency, since winning the world championship for the first championship since 2021. Max Verstappen has no plans of slowing down, regardless of who becomes his teammate, even Fernando Alonso.

Max Verstappen discusses his future with Fernando Alonso at his side

When the 2025 silly season got a push start in February, one driver who was instantly linked with both Mercedes and Red Bull was Fernando Alonso. The Spaniard is without a contract for 2025 and is still somehow at the peak of his powers, despite being 42 years old. Additionally, it’s no secret Horner is an admirer of the 2x champion and wanted to sign him back in 2013 as well.

2025 would not be a perfect time for the Red Bull boss to fulfill his desire. However, Verstappen did not share the same opinion as his boss. The Dutchman pointed out how signing a 42-year-old (soon to be 43) does not sound like the smartest decision. “But, if you asked me,” he said, “I would find it strange to contract a 42-year-old driver.”

Verstappen also highlighted that signing older drivers goes against Red Bull’s ethos. The Austrian team has always preferred to nurture and promote young talent from the academy. Since Alex Albon, this hasn’t been the case and the signing of Sergio Perez was also against the norms.


However, his opinion aside, there is still a lot of mutual respect between the two. Max Verstappen, perhaps, wants to wait to drive alongside Alonso in Le Mans, a desire both have expressed in the past. Apart from this, they have expressed appreciation toward each other on multiple occasions. Their interaction after the 2022 Canadian GP qualifying should prove that.

Verstappen also said, “I can go through a door with Fernando well.” However, he also explained, “I’m also looking at the future of the team.” Having said that, the Dutchman understands at the end of the day it’s Red Bull’s decision. So will we see Fernando Alonso alongside Max Verstappen to perhaps make the strongest team on the grid? We will know soon.

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