Christian Horner sext scandal WILL be covered on Netflix’s Drive to Survive – and what Geri’s husband said to show chief

CHRISTIAN Horner’s sexting scandal will be covered in the next season of the hit Netflix show Drive to Survive.

Show chief James Gay-Rees has revealed his team plans to include the saga that rocked F1 in the documentary‘s seventh season.

Christian Horner will see his scandal feature in Drive to Survive

Christian Horner will see his scandal feature in Drive to SurviveCredit: Getty

It will be new agony for him and wife Geri Halliwell


It will be new agony for him and wife Geri HalliwellCredit: PA

Horner and his driver Max Verstappen have already won two races in 2024

Horner and his driver Max Verstappen have already won two races in 2024Credit: Getty
It will potentially reopen wounds for Horner and his wife Spice Girls star Geri Halliwell as they attempt to move on from the drama.

Horner has previously raged against the scrutiny over the scandal – but now it will be the focus of the Netflix show watched by millions.

Brit filmmaker Gay-Rees revealed he has spoken to the Red Bull chief since the scandal broke before the start of the F1 season.

He claims the 50-year-old ex-racing driver told him: “This is all your fault.”

Horner appears to have been referencing the new focus Drive to Survive has put on F1 – especially drama and scandal behind the scenes of the Grand Prix circus.

Speaking of the scandal, Mr Gay-Rees said: “It will have to be referenced in some capacity, yeah.”

“And they will all want it to be told in a particular way, so it’s about treading that line to keep everybody happy, and to keep Netflix happy, and us – so we can sleep at night with the decisions we’ve made,” he told The Telegraph.

Horner was cleared of misconduct by a Red Bull investigation back in February.

But the scandal was taken to a new level when sexually suggestive texts appearing to be sent by Horner were leaked.

Horner’s accuser – a female colleague – has since been suspended by Red Bull and has appealed the decision.

‘We’re always grateful’, says Christian Horner as he hails wife Geri Halliwell in Mother’s Day post amid sexting scandal
And she reportedly plans to take her case to an employment tribunal as she wants to return to work for the championship-winning team.

Mr Gay-Rees said: “You have to have balance. I think Horner is looking ok for the time being, but it doesn’t feel like it’s done yet.

“It will all depend on how it plays out.”

‘I don’t know what he got up to – and I genuinely don’t have an opinion on it, but he’s been through it and you wouldn’t wish that on anybody.”

Horner’s accuser is reportedly “in it for the long haul” as she continues to fight against the decision to clear her boss, reports The Independent.

A source said: “She remains resolute and is in it for the long haul.

“She’s holding her council for now and wants the matter dealt with privately.”

Horner has always denied any wrongdoing over the allegations and blasted the infamous text leak as “anonymous speculation”.

He has demanded an end to the drama which he described as a “very trying period” for his family.

His wife Geri has stood by him – appearing at his side at the races in Saudi Arabia and Bahrain, both won by Red Bull.

Red Bull are first in both the drivers’ and constructors’ championships after a dominant start to the season.

Horner’s star driver Max Verstappen will be looking for his fourth world championship in a row – and won the first two races.

He was only undone in Australia when his brakes caught fire after he lost first place to Ferrari driver Carlos Sainz.

Verstappen however remains the hot favourite for the title.

And the Dutchman, 26, has been one of the most vocal critics of Drive to Survive.

He had previously boycotted the show, refusing any interviews – claiming it had faked storylines and made the drama “over the top”.

Speaking earlier this year, he said: “You don’t see a lot of me on Drive to Survive, which is why I don’t like doing it.

“You probably don’t get the right side of me because it is just an interview, I am just sitting down in a dark room and I hate that.

“They put a mic in front of you and you have to talk about the season which… just have a casual interaction, have fun.”

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