Brooklyn Beckham got fired again, this is the 15th time this year, really?

Brooklyn Beckham’s never-ending quest to gain a career has hit another snag after his own wife cut his cameo role from her movie Lola.

Brooklyn, 25, is the son of soccer sensation David Beckham and former Spice Girl turned fashion designer Victoria Beckham.

In 2022, he married actor Nicola Peltz, the 29-year-old daughter of billionaire businessman Nelson Peltz, in a lavish ceremony that was featured in Vogue.

It was a scandal-filled wedding. Mr Peltz sued the wedding planners and Nicola didn’t wear a dress designed by Brooklyn’s mum.

Their relationship is heavily documented on social media, and he has over 70 tattoos in tribute to his wife – some of them are objectively a bit ugly.

Despite how loved up they are – and the fact that Brooklyn often posts about being lucky to call Nicola “mine” – it still appears this unconditional support doesn’t extend to every part of their lives.

In a fresh interview, Nicola, admitted that she had to leave her husband’s recent performance on the chopping room floor.

The heiress is currently receiving great reviews for her directorial debut, Lola, recently revealing she had to cut a scene featuring her husband from the film.

She told People, “Brooklyn is actually really upset that he did get cut from his little cameo.” What was Brooklyn’s great crime? Well, he could not even nail a one-word line without stuffing it up.

“He had one line, ‘Hi,’ but he kept saying it in a British accent, and he was staring directly into the camera. I was like, ‘Oh God, we have to move on, good lord’,” she said.

Online, people are amused that Brooklyn couldn’t manage to nail even a small cameo. “Nicola is awesome she didn’t let her husband get away with things,” one wrote.

“When she’s going to realise she’s married a nepo baby who literally has no scope for any kind of creative work,” another asked.

“Brooklyn Beckham’s ability to suck at everything needs to be studied,” another joked.

“I think it’s iconic that Brooklyn Beckham is consistently talentless in everything he does, from football to that photography book, the chef era and now the acting,” one said.

“Oh, to be as talentless and privileged as Brooklyn Beckham,” one wrote. Despite not making the film, Brooklyn has remained supportive online and seems to have taken the setback in his stride.

He wrote on Instagram that he is so proud of his wife and that the film couldn’t have turned out “more perfect”.

Brooklyn has gained notoriety for his attempts at forging his own path to varying degrees of success.

When he was 18, he released a photography book featuring a blurry photo of an elephant and a caption explaining that the photo wasn’t very good because elephants are “so hard to photograph”.

Three years later, he decided to ditch photography, presumably because it was hard, and he became a chef.

He skipped drastic actions, choosing a TV spot on a UK morning show to share his love for food and demonstrate making bacon, egg, and sausage sandwiches.

Yes, perhaps the most common sandwich in the world; someone tweeted that his attempt at being a chef was “embarrassing” and another asked if it was a “joke.”

In 2022, Brooklyn decided to give the role of bartender a crack and described himself as a “nutter in the kitchen” and then made a standard gin and tonic, leaving the internet cackling at his expense.

He has kept at the whole cooking thing and went viral in 2023 because he posted a video on his Instagram and used a blowtorch to make a grilled cheese sandwich, which fans thought was slightly overkill.

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