Anthony Joshua BREAKSDOWN Mike Tyson VS Jake Paul Full Fight (VIDEO)

Anthony Joshua and Mike Tyson’s Contrasting Views on the Tyson vs. Jake Paul Exhibition Bout

The anticipation surrounding the exhibition bout between boxing legend Mike Tyson and social media star Jake Paul on July 20th has ignited a flurry of discussions within the boxing community. Former heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua has emerged as a strategic voice in this excitement, offering a perspective that differs from many.

Mike Tyson versus Jake Paul Full Fight Video Breakdown by Paulie G - YouTube

In a calculated prediction, Joshua suggests a victory for Jake Paul, rooted in the undeniable reality of Tyson’s age. At 58, Tyson is well past his prime fighting years, a fact not lost on Joshua, who empathetically acknowledges the limitations Tyson might face in the ring. Contrasting Tyson’s age, Jake Paul, at 27, is in the thick of his athletic prime, presenting a significant advantage in Joshua’s eyes.

However, Joshua’s comments extend beyond mere technical assessment, expressing a subtle concern for Tyson’s well-being. He acknowledges the risks associated with stepping back into the ring at such an advanced age, expressing a hope for Tyson’s health above all else.


Furthermore, Joshua delves into the broader phenomenon of influencer boxing, where celebrities and social media stars like Jake Paul take up the sport. While this trend has sparked passionate debate within the boxing community, Joshua offers a more optimistic viewpoint. He sees influencer boxing as a measured evolution, attracting a new audience to the previously insular world of professional boxing.

Joshua argues that influencer boxing can ultimately benefit the sport as a whole, from established fighters gaining wider recognition to increased revenue for promoters. He believes that this influx of viewers can have a ripple effect, strengthening boxing overall.

Jake Paul fight against Mike Tyson is announced for July 20 and will be streamed live on Netflix

On the other hand, Mike Tyson, despite his fearsome reputation, has always held a deep respect for boxing as a sport. His perspective aligns more closely with Joshua’s cautious stance, expressing concerns about exhibitions that prioritize spectacle over athletic merit. Tyson likely sees the exhibition as a test of his legacy, raising questions about his motivations and the potential impact on his reputation.

Tyson’s concerns are echoed by other veteran fighters like Lennox Lewis and Deontay Wilder, who express deep concern for Tyson’s well-being and skepticism about Jake Paul’s chances against the boxing legend.

In contrast, Jake Paul revels in the hype surrounding the fight, portraying himself as the clear favorite and leveraging his social media fame to promote the event. His approach, while commercially driven, has sparked controversy within the boxing community, with some viewing it as disrespectful to the sport’s traditions and legends.

Overall, the contrasting perspectives of Anthony Joshua, Mike Tyson, and Jake Paul reflect the complexity of the upcoming exhibition bout. While Joshua offers a measured analysis rooted in empathy and concern for Tyson’s well-being, Tyson and other veteran fighters express reservations about the potential impact on the sport’s integrity. Meanwhile, Jake Paul’s brash confidence and self-promotion add a layer of intrigue to the pre-fight dynamics, setting the stage for a highly anticipated showdown on July 20th.

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