What The 3 Fan-Favorite DCU Batman Candidates Have Said About The Role

The Brave and the Bold, the DC Universe’s Batman reboot, has seen many actors rumored for Bruce Wayne, and three of them have become popular picks.

James Gunn’s new DC Universe is casting or will cast several of the comic book giant’s biggest heroes and villains, including Batman, and three actors have emerged as the fan-favorites for the role, with all of them commenting on the opportunity. Ben Affleck was the Dark Knight of the DCEU, with Michael Keaton and George Clooney returning as their versions of Bruce Wayne for the multiversal The Flash movie. Currently, the only ongoing live-action Batman actor is Robert Pattinson. However, the star will not be brought into the new DCU.

Pattinson will return as Bruce Wayne for director Matt Reeves’ The Batman – Part II and more, but the franchise exists as an Elseworlds, meaning it is not canon to the DCU. Due to that, a new actor will take on the role of the Dark Knight in The Brave and the Bold movie. The Batman reboot will finally bring Robin to the big screen once again, with Damian Wayne and other members of the Bat-Family confirmed to appear. With casting for the new Batman in the future, three actors have been appointed by fans as perfect for the role.

Jensen Ackles Said Batman Is His Favorite Superhero

The Supernatural Star Has A Long History With Batman


While multiple names have come up as possible candidates to play the DCU’s version of Bruce Wayne, the most popular name currently for the role of Batman is Jensen Ackles. The actor is no stranger to the franchise, having been an important part of Batman’s animated legacy for some time. Ackles voiced Jason Todd/Red Hood in 2010’s Batman: Under the Red Hood, which is held highly as one of the best movies for the character. Recently, Ackles became the voice of Batman in DC’s animated Tomorrowverse continuity.

As the fan-favorite for the role, Ackles has been a fixture of multiple rumors regarding the film, which led to DCU creative chief James Gunn even denying once that Ackles had been cast as Batman, explaining that the script for The Brave and the Bold had yet to be finished, and Batman would be cast only after that. Still, Ackles remains a popular name for the role. Due to that, the star has been asked multiple times if he would want to be part of the franchise, and he has made his stance on the matter clear.

James Gunn has been very active on social media as DC Studios’ co-CEO, and he has debunked several major DCU rumors about Superman, Batman, and more.

Ackles has addressed his DCU Batman casting chances, saying, “I don’t know. Even if I knew, I wouldn’t tell you. I mean, could I do it? Sure. Would I wanna do it? Yes.” He then went on to joke about the situation before giving a definitive answer, saying, “Would I entertain the idea of playing my favorite superhero of all time? Nah, I’m good… I would love it. Sign me up.” With Ackles the fan-favorite for the DCU’s Batman and the actor being passionate about the role, he seems like a great fit; however, other major candidates could complicate things.

Alan Ritchson Fell In Love With Batman As A Child

Ritchson Has Played DC Superheroes Before


Alan Ritchson has become a popular candidate to become the new DC Universe’s Batman. After the release of Prime Video’s Reacher season 2, the actor received a major boost in popularity, with many comparing scenes where his character, Jack Reacher, acted as a detective or violently interrogated criminals to Batman, and given how popular the show is and the level of performance Ritchson turns in, it would not be a major surprise if the actor gets cast to play Batman. Ritchson also has the imposing physique to take to Gotham City’s rooftops.

Aiding his chances to play Batman is the fact that Ritchson has plenty of experience with DC in live-action.

Following rumors that he could be eyed for the coveted DCU role, Ritchson responded to getting fancast as Batman. The actor is honored to be considered by fans as a candidate for Batman, with Ritchson having revealed that he shares a childhood connection to the DC hero, saying, “It’s one of the first characters I fell in love with as a child.” While Ritchson acknowledges that he might be too old — 41 — to give life to the character, he would love to play Batman, saying, “It’s one of the coolest characters of all time.”

Aiding his chances to play Batman is the fact that Ritchson has plenty of experience with DC in live-action. The actor first played a superhero in Smallville, giving life to a young Aquaman in the Superman prequel series. Ritchson’s time as one of DC’s biggest heroes shows he would be able to do right by Batman. Adding to that, the actor played Hawk, a hilarious brawler of a superhero, in a few seasons of DC’s Titans series. The two roles were very different but helped show that Ritchson is adept at making his superheroes compelling and charismatic.

Jake Gyllenhaal Would Be Honored To Be The DCU’s Batman

Gyllenhaal Almost Played Batman In The Past


The latest actor to comment on possibly playing the DCU’s Batman in The Brave and the Bold and future projects on DC’s slate is Jake Gyllenhaal. The actor was already a popular pick among fans for the role, with Gyllenhaal’s filmography including multiple dark or physical roles that show why he would excel as the new Batman if given the chance. Now, Gyllenhaal has directly addressed his chances of playing DC’s new Batman, and to the fans’ delight, the actor is open if the opportunity arises.

During an interview with Screen Rant, Gyllenhaal got candid about possibly becoming the next actor to play Batman in live-action. The actor started by saying, “That’s a classic. It’s an honor.” Gyllenhaal then compared the long list of actors who have played Batman in live-action to other famous characters who have been played by different stars over decades, such as the character of Iago in Othello, whom Gyllenhaal will play. According to Gyllenhaal, he would be honored to play Batman, saying, “It would be an honor always. Those types of things and those roles are classics.”

After the repercussions of the initial interview, Gyllenhaal doubled down on his Batman casting comments. According to the star, it is flattering to be in the conversation to play DC’s Dark Knight, saying, “Of course, I would be flattered. Anyone would be.” Gyllenhaal almost played Batman in the past, which could help him secure the role in the DCU. The actor was one of the names considered for the role of Bruce Wayne in Batman Begins, with director Christopher Nolan himself calling Gyllenhaal to tell him Christian Bale won the role in the end.

Why Jensen Ackles Is The Perfect Batman For The New DC Universe

The Actor Is An All-Around Perfect Choice For The Role

Custom image by Sean Migalla

While Alan Ritchson and Jake Gyllenhaal would each bring exciting elements to the table as the DCU’s Batman, Jensen Ackles is the best option to suit up as the Dark Knight for the new shared universe. Ackles has the looks to play Bruce Wayne and the acting skills to bring both sides of the character — the billionaire playboy Bruce Wayne and the tortured detective Batman — to life. Ackles’ role as Dean Winchester in Supernatural showed that he is perfect for the DC hero.

Adding to his dark but charismatic turn in The CW series, Ackles’ more recent time as Soldier Boy in The Boys was proof that the actor could excel in a superhero property, with Ackles commanding the screen with his acting and ability to deliver engaging fight scenes. The actor is also the current voice of Batman in the animated Tomorrowverse, showcasing his talents to portray Batman in live-action. While the star is a great fit for Batman, casting for the hero is still some time away, as The Brave and the Bold’s script is still not finalized.

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