The two are said to have had a “big fight” on set…Ryan Reynolds’ patience ran out after 5 hours of waiting

The Rock fought with Ryan Reynolds on the set of Red Notice

Recent reports have sent shockwaves through Hollywood, alleging a heated confrontation between Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Ryan Reynolds during the filming of their 2021 action flick for Netflix, Red Notice.

The details remain shrouded in secrecy, but sources point to tension brewing over Johnson’s alleged tardiness on set.

According to TheWrap and TMZ, Reynolds’ patience wore thin after waiting for five hours for Johnson to arrive on set.

While sources for TheWrap say they had a “huge fight” after Johnson arrived, TMZ described it as more of a “talk”.

This culminated in a major argument that sent Johnson storming off set.

The incident allegedly caused a rift between the co-stars, with whispers suggesting a prolonged period of estrangement.

However, it’s crucial to remember that these are just rumours. Neither Johnson nor Reynolds have publicly commented on the alleged altercation.

“Dwayne is the consummate professional and we’re thrilled to have worked with him on ‘Red Notice,’ our #1 film,” a Netflix spokesperson said.

Furthermore, representatives of Johnson’s production company have vehemently denied any claims of habitual lateness.

Johnson also allegedly broke quarantine rules on the set of the film by flying home in a private jet.

“He was frequently flying home and breaking the extremely strict rules of the bubble… He got to host family and friends for a BBQ, and wound up getting COVID anyway. Most selfish thing I’ve ever seen an actor do.”

However, another source close to production denied that Johnson ever broke quarantine rules.

This wouldn’t be the first time Johnson’s work ethic has faced scrutiny.

Rumours of on-set tension with Vin Diesel during the filming of the “Fast and Furious” franchise have persisted for years.

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