New York Yankees fans are panicking over this injury-related update

If you were to rank players on the New York Yankees based on importance for this season, a few names would be vying for the top spot on your list. Of course, both halves of the team’s new dynamic duo, Aaron Judge and Juan Soto, would have to be considered.

For my money, however, the easy choice for “most important Yankee” this season is Gerrit Cole, which is why this update from’s Bryan Hoch was extremely concerning to read:

Gerrit Cole is having an MRI on his pitching elbow, Aaron Boone told reporters in Clearwater.

— Bryan Hoch ⚾️ (@BryanHoch) March 11, 2024

Here’s more from Bryan Hoch:

Boone said that Gerrit Cole has been having trouble with his recovery between starts. According to Boone, Cole likened it to what he feels during the season after 100 pitches. — Bryan Hoch ⚾️ (@BryanHoch) March 11, 2024

For the 33-year old Yankees’ ace, and for fans of the team, this new could not come at a worse time.

Yankees’ ace Gerrit Cole /

Though front office officials would never openly admit this, it’s abundantly clear that the Yankees are going for it in 2024. They traded organizational depth to acquire Alex Verdugo and Juan Soto, both of whom will be free agents after this year.

They also signed Marcus Stroman to a two-year contract, meaning that after 2025, he too will have the chance to be a free agent.

The team has spent money, and traded assets, to improve this year’s roster in multiple ways. There may be question marks for this team in future years, but in 2024, they’re primed for a deep playoff run.

They may even have more moves coming, as New York has been connected to free agent left-handers Blake Snell and Jordan Montgomery in recent weeks.

This entire plan, however, is centered around Gerrit Cole being the ace of their staff.

If there is one area of the roster that fans are uneasy about, it’s the starting rotation. Behind Cole on the depth chart, we find Carlos Rodon, Stroman, Nestor Cortes and Clarke Schmidt.

At their best, each player has shown flashes of true brilliance in recent years. That said, at their worst, each pitcher has gone through extended stretches of injury and/or inconsistency.

Up until today, you haven’t been able to say that about Gerrit Cole, but now, his future is also uncertain. From what we know, it could be days, if not weeks, until we learn the diagnosis.

So, for now, all we can do is sit and wait.

And hope.

We Found the Ten Biggest Problems Facing the 2024 New York Yankees

Brian Cashman and the New York Yankees answered a lot of questions during the offseason, but these problems still remain as the team begins Spring Training.

Gallery Credit: Dan Bahl

Can Carlos Rodon Have a Healthy Season?

Can Carlos Rodon Have a Healthy Season?

There’s a correlation between Rodon’s health, and his performance on the field. The more he pitches, the better’s pitched over the course of his career.

The difference between Rodon starting 15 games, and starting 25, is massive for the Yankees this season.

Is a “Leaner” Giancarlo Stanton a Meaner Giancarlo Stanton?

Is a “Leaner” Giancarlo Stanton a Meaner Giancarlo Stanton?

Giancarlo Stanton appears to be a lean, mean, fighting machine according to social media. Will his physical change allow him to stay healthy for a longer portion of the season?

And, even if he’s healthy, can he hit above .200 at this point in his career? Those are huge questions when it comes to the middle of the lineup.

Who Will Replace Michael King?

Who Will Replace Michael King?

This was a question before he was dealt to San Diego, but now, it’s an even more pressing question. King’s “Swiss army knife” role in the bullpen will be extremely hard to replace this season.

Will Anthony Rizzo Suffer Any Post-Concussion Issues?

Will Anthony Rizzo Suffer Any Post-Concussion Issues?

Post-concussion syndrome is a very real thing, and can haunt athletes for years after they stop playing. Rizzo showed that, before his injury, he’s still capable of playing well offensively and defensively.

Can he return to that after an extended rest period, or does he return as a shell of his former self?

What Exactly Is Nestor Cortes?

What Exactly Is Nestor Cortes?

It’s been the tale of two Nestor’s during most of Cortes’ career. He was a revelation for the Yankees in 2022, but when 2023 rolled around, he couldn’t stay healthy long enough to be effective as a starter.

So, with time to recover, does he return to his 2022 form, or was that year simply a flash in the pan?

Can Anthony Volpe Round Out His Game?

Can Anthony Volpe Round Out His Game?

This isn’t as much of a problem, per se, as it is an experiment. Volpe showed flashes of the player that fans want him to be last season: an on-base machine, who hits at the top of the order, steals bases, and plays solid defense.

As the year went on, he regressed, and though his power was impressive for a rookie, his on-base percentage was not. Can he play a more well-rounded, complete style in 2024?

Who Replaces Wandy Peralta as the Top Lefty Reliever?

Who Replaces Wandy Peralta as the Top Lefty Reliever?

When healthy, Wandy Peralta and Jonathan Loaisiga are always Aaron Boone’s first calls from the bullpen. Loaisiga returns, but Peralta does not.

Will Boone be able to trust newcomers Caleb Ferguson and Victor Gonzalez in the same way that he trusted Peralta over the past few seasons?

Do the Yankees Have a True Starting Catcher?

Do the Yankees Have a True Starting Catcher?

Or, as a follow-up, is a platoon of Austin Wells and Jose Trevino good enough to get by?

Wells showed flashes of brilliance after being called up last year, and his work ethic on the defensive side of the game has been lauded. He’s worked his tail off to become a better game-caller, which has allowed him to build trust with the pitching staff.

Is he ready to handle the bulk of the catching duties (3-4 out of every 5 games), or does he still need time to develop?

Can Marcus Stroman Handle the Bright Lights in The Bronx?

Can Marcus Stroman Handle the Bright Lights in The Bronx?

To make a long answer short, I think Stroman could be a home run signing for Brian Cashman when all is said and done. If he embraces the spotlight in New York, and performs well early, then fans will be quick to rally around him.

If he struggles early in the year, however, will fans be patient with the right-hander?

Can Cole and Judge Be League Leaders Again?

Can Cole and Judge Be League Leaders Again?

No matter how many moves Cashman made this offseason, the pressure still falls squarely on the shoulders of Gerrit Cole and Aaron Judge. Both players appear to be fully healthy, and should be poised for big years in 2024.

If one, or both, regress this season, do the Yankees have enough depth (Soto, Stroman, etc.) to pick up the slack?

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