Juan Soto’s $701 million shock divides fans, Yankees pose a dilemma for giant free agency

It appears as if a financial supernova is about to explode shortly in the Bronx.

There have been predictions about the New York Yankees that Hal Steinbrenner’s wallet is trembling; a potential $701 million flowing out. On one hand, fans feel this is ridiculous, on the other, there are sentiments of ‘keep Soto in the Bronx anyhow’. Will Juan Soto overtake Shohei Ohtani?

The Yankees nation is accustomed to their club swinging for the fences. However, this event in the foreseeable future takes it to a whole new stratosphere. While the club seems audacious, the fans are practical.

If the prediction was to materialize, an estimate of $46.73 million per year for 15 years would beat Ohtani’s current record. Is the landscape of baseball set for another massive transformation?

USA Today via Reuters

Predictions Make One Wonder If There Will Be Another Record-Breaking Deal Upcoming

Naturally, there has been a rollercoaster of reactions from fans on this. Sure, who wouldn’t want a generational talent like Soto patrolling the outfield for pinstripes for over a decade? Despite the excitement, there’s reigning skepticism. Fireside Yankees’ recent post shook the internet with this prophecy.

Think about this. First, there is no guarantee that there will be a contract extension. Secondly, if optimism were to soar, it would still be far-fetched to expect a $701 million. While there is no confirmation on which way Hal’s actions will sway, the fans have a strong take on this prediction.

Besides the Juan Soto prediction, there have been a couple of other predictions that have come up. Spencer Jones, who is often compared to Aaron Judge, is foreseen to become the #1 prospect in baseball. This was followed by another prediction: Henry Lalane would reach AAA and become a top-100 prospect. While these did not agitate the fans, the possibility that Soto could get $701 million caused a bit of a stir.

The Skeptics Wonder – Is Hal Steinbrenner Ready to Shell Out On Juan Soto?

Ranging from “Why 701” to setting the boundaries at “520 M for Soto” the fans said it all. One among many fans expressed that having Soto earn more than Ohtani was ridiculous.

Fans were optimistic that Soto would not sign a contract of that size.

The emotion of ridicule about “15/$701M?!” reigned.

More fans joined in asking:

Fans even went to the extent of predicting that $520 million would be enough.

While there is a spectrum of considerations to make before the signing of the contract, the likes of a $701 million remain cloudy. Whether there is truth to this or not, one knows now what the fans feel.

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