Reba McEntire is dazzled in ‘Voice’ Knockouts preview

Alabama singer dazzles Reba McEntire in ‘Voice’ Knockouts preview: ‘I’m in awe’

Asher HaVon on "The Voice"

Asher HaVon of Selma is competing on Season 25 of “The Voice.”(Casey Durkin/NBC)

Is Alabama’s Asher HaVon destined for a crown on “The Voice”? The R&B singer seems to be ruling the hearts of the celebrity coaches on Season 25 of the NBC reality series, especially this week.

HaVon, 31, was featured in a preview video for Monday’s episode, dazzling all of the celebs with his performance in the Knockouts round. HaVon’s cover of Toni Braxton’s “Un-Break My Heart” was so impressive, it prompted John Legend to stand mid-song, shout “Sing, Asher!” and cheer him on.

“Asher, I just feel like your presence is so regal,” Legend said. “I was like, this is King Asher up on the stage. I’ve almost never seen an artist be able to sing that low with that much power.” (Watch Havon’s performance in the video below.)

HaVon, from Selma, is competing on “The Voice” as a member of Reba McEntire’s team, but other coaches said they’re ready to scoop him up if the opportunity arises.

“Asher, you’re just an incredible talent,” Chance the Rapper said. “You had a crazy run at the end (of the performance) that reminded me of Rance Allen. You could tap into all these different spaces because your range is so big. So, at some point, I’m gonna figure out a way to steal you.”

Legend shared similar sentiments, saying “For whoever Reba does not choose (in the Knockouts), there’s a place for you at Team Legend.”

Some explanation may be in order, if you’re not following “The Voice” closely this season. In the Knockouts round, each contestant chooses a song to perform as a solo artist in a head-to-head competition with another teammate. The winner of the Knockout moves on to a round known as the Playoffs. However, each coach is allowed to “steal” one singer who loses in the Knockouts, saving that person from elimination.

HaVon faced Tae Lewis, a country singer from North Carolina, in the Knockouts. Although both singers inspired kudos from the coaches, HaVon appears to have the edge.

“I’ll start with Asher. You exercised so much restraint in that,” said Dan Smyers of Dan & Shay. “I felt like you were doing your thing. … The runs were so intentional, so accurate.”

“It was from your heart, and it just, it went straight to our souls,” Shay Mooney said. “And it was unbelievable.” (The country duo is coaching a single team this season.)

Still, McEntire gets to decide the winner of this Knockout and — cliffhanger! — the preview video ends without showing her verdict. She offered plenty of praise to both HaVon and Lewis, who covered Cody Johnson’s “Nothin’ On You.”

“You guys give me chills, make me cry,” McEntire said. “I felt like a proud mama sitting here. You’ve both got so much soul. It comes from your toenails when you guys start singing. Asher, you open your mouth and this stuff comes out, like, where did that come from? I’m in awe.”

And, of course, Legend said he’s ready to steal either HaVon or Lewis, depending on the results of the Knockout. Viewers will find out more when “The Voice” airs at 7 p.m. CT.

Right now, we know that HaVon will be featured on Monday’s episode, but two more singers from Alabama could be featured on the two-hour program. Val T Webb of Birmingham and Ducote Talmage of Auburn also made it to the Knockouts, competing on Team Legend and Team Dan & Shay, respectively.

Alabama actually had five singers competing on “The Voice” during Season 25, but Rivers Grayson of Muscle Shoals and Corey Curtis, a Saraland resident, were eliminated on previous episodes.

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