Is John Legend Leaving ‘The Voice’ After Season 25?

Is John Legend Leaving ‘The Voice’ After Season 25?

John Legend sitting in a coaches chair laughing in 'The Voice' Season 24

NBC’s The Voice Season 25 continues with the Live Shows, and fans watch as coaches Gwen Stefani, Reba McEntire, Niall Horan, and John Legend coach the fantastic singers on their team. Legend hopes to take home the big win this season, as he hasn’t won since season 16. So, is he rejoining the coaches in The Voice Season 25? Here’s what to know about Legend’s future with the show.

Is John Legend leaving ‘The Voice’ after the current season?

'The Voice' Season 24 coaches Niall Horan, Gwen Stefani, Reba McEntire, and John Legend standing next to each other

Niall Horan, Gwen Stefani, Reba McEntire, and John Legend | Tyler Golden/NBC via Getty Images

The Voice Season 25 wouldn’t be the same without John Legend. Legend joined the show in season 16 and won his rookie season with Maelyn Jarmon. He went on to coach from seasons 17 to 22 before taking time away from the show for season 23. He returned in season 25 to coach alongside Niall Horan, Gwen Stefani, and newbie Reba McEntire.

So, what are Legend’s plans for future seasons? Thankfully, he plans on rejoining for The Voice Season 25. The other three coaches next season include McEntire, Chance the Rapper, and newcomers Dan + Shay.

We can’t wait to see Legend return with another season under his belt. McEntire’s first season is the current one, so she’ll join the following season as a more experienced coach. As for Chance, he joined in season 23 during Legend’s off-year. And country singers Dan + Shay mark the show’s first duo coaches. With this in mind, Legend heads into season 25 as the most experienced coach, so fans might expect him to win it all.

He’s left ‘The Voice’ before season 25 in the past

The Voice Season 25 welcomes John Legend after he didn’t coach season 23. At the time, he promised fans he’d return — and he made good on his promise.

“My family’s growing, I have a new album out, I’m gonna do a little bit of touring, and so it’s probably better that I take a break,” he told Entertainment Tonight at the time. ” … But I’ll be back on The Voice, just not this coming season.”

While Legend loves Blake Shelton, he was happy to see him gone for season 25, as it leveled the playing field for the other coaches. “It’s season 25. I was gone for a season, OK? But now that Blake’s gone, I am the king of The Voice now!” he said in an exclusive clip from NBC.

“This is my eighth season though, so I feel like it’s my show now. You know what I’m saying?” he told the other season 25 coaches. To the camera, he admitted he missed his time as a coach. “I feel so happy to be back on The Voice. … I really love the competition. I love the inspiration that I get from The Voice,” he added.

John Legend has a 25-show residency in Las Vegas in 2025

While John Legend will stick with The Voice after season 25 concludes, his schedule in 2025 remains jam-packed. Legend reportedly has a 25-show residency in Las Vegas that plays at the Zappos Theater between April and October.

According to Legend, he’s playing a “full career show,” featuring songs from across his entire career, which began in 2004 with his debut album, “Get Lifted.” We’re excited to see what Legend continues to do as he coaches the reality TV series.

The Voice Season 25 airs Mondays and Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET on NBC.

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