Fans Demand ‘The Voice’ Cancel John Legend Over Chrissy Teigen’s Behavior

Fans Demand ‘The Voice’ Cancel John Legend Over Chrissy Teigen’s Behavior

They want John Legend gone, and they want him gone now.

New York, NY USA - June 11, 2017: Chrissy Teigen in Pamella Roland and John Legend attend Tony awards 2017 at Radio City Music Hall

The official Instagram account for The Voice has been promoting each of the finalists one by one and it was time to throw credit to Raelynn in their latest post. However, as they tried to spotlight the artist, things took a dramatic turn.

Completely ignoring the context of the post, fans decided to use this as a platform to convey some messaging to the producers about the show. Fans are demanding an immediate change.

John Legend’s wife, swimsuit model Chrissy Teigen, has been dragged for being a vicious bully on social media, and fans are coming at Legend, too. His wife’s poor conduct is cascading and is affecting his career, potentially in a very big way.

John Legend And His Wife, Chrissy Teigen

Chrissy Teigen is being slammed on social media for her very poor behavior and downright bullying. This isn’t the first time she had been accused of being a mean person, but the most recent allegations against her have been very serious ones.

Courtney Stodden rose to the surface to say that Teigen encouraged her to end her own life on Twitter, and she had the tweets to prove it.

Fans have had enough of the mean, destructive, hateful messages that people are engaging in online, and are infuriated at the thought of Chrissy Teigen bullying someone to that degree. This devastating revelation has sent shockwaves online, and the more fans discover about Teigen’s conduct, the more they want her canceled.

In a classic case of guilty-by-association, fans want nothing to do with John Legend, either. If this is the way Teigen conducts herself, they presume her husband must have the same morals and standards. After all, he’s still married to her and is condoning her behavior by remaining by her side.

If this is the case, fans want John Legend off The Voice, immediately.

The Push To Cancel John Legend

There is a definite push to cancel John Legend unfolding right before our eyes. If this continues, and ratings drop, NBC will surely need to make some big decisions about the fate of John Legend.

Fans pushed to cancel him by writing; “John Legend is not a good “Voice” due to his cruel, horrid, wife!! He needs to go!!” as well as; “Get rid of John Legend.”

Other comments include; “Do you really want John Legend to represent The Voice? Get rid of him and his wife from your association,” to which the response of “couldn’t agree more!!!” was written, and a series of ‘likes’ flooded the post.

Fans continued to pour in the negative feedback by saying; “John Legend needs to go,” “Cancel John Legend,” and “Get John off the stage, he and his wife are a disgrace.”

Legend’s personal Intsagram page contained  much of the same commentary, including; “YOU CANNOT KEEP SILENT ABOUT YOUR WIFE. YOUR SILENCE EQUALS COMPLIANCE.”

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