Denise Welch defends Meghan Markle, thinks it is a disgrace the way she has been treated

Denise Welch tells Loose Women guest ‘don’t disrespect me’ in explosive Meghan Markle row

A discussion about the Royal Family on Loose Women descended into chaos when Denise Welch told a guest not to ‘disrespect her’.


On Monday’s episode of the ITV programme, royal correspondent and the late Queen Elizabeth’s former press spokesperson Dickie Arbiter appeared to speak about the one-year anniversary of King Charles’ coronation.

However, things took a turn when he mentioned the strained relations between Prince Harry and his family.

‘Harry has been rubbishing his family since they walked out in 2020,’ he said.

Jumping in, Denise asked him if he believed if there was a reason Harry ‘did such a thing’ after his interview with Oprah Winfrey was mentioned, as well as his explosive autobiography Spare.



Commenting how she believed the King ‘ruined a lot of’ Princess Diana’s life, Denise then mentioned how Meghan Markle was ‘continually trashed by the media, including by yourself’.


Denise Welch on Loose Women.
Denise Welch has been involved in a fiery debate about the Royal Family on Loose Women (Picture: ITV)
As the studio audience began clapping, Denise raised her voice and declared: ‘I am just sick to death of the bashing that this woman gets.

‘Hardly any of you mention Andrew and yet we continually berate this woman every day. I think when her children grow up and see what she goes through, I think Harry had a bloody good reason to write that book in my opinion.’


Responding, Dickie said he ‘wasn’t going to argue’ with Denise as that wasn’t the aim of his appearance but added that he believed she had ‘been reading too many tabloid stories’.

Dickie Arbiter and Denise Welch on Loose Women.
She told royal correspondent Dickie Arbiter not to ‘disrespect’ her (Picture: ITV)
Hitting back, Denise was not impressed and told him not to ‘disrespect’ her.

‘I have read lots of stories about Meghan before and I think it is a disgrace the way she has been treated,’ she said.


After Dickie said the way Harry and Meghan had treated the Royal Family was ‘disgraceful’ and said the couple ‘didn’t have to walk out’, Coleen Nolan tried to diffuse the situation.

However, Denise was outraged: ‘Don’t have a guest on and… I can say what I like Coleen!’

Meghan, Duchess of Sussex and Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex.

She rushed to defend Meghan Markle and Prince Harry (Picture: Patrick van Katwijk/Getty Images)


Dickie then said that he would like to see a reunion between the King and his youngest son, with the conversation then calming down.


As the segment wrapped up, he and Denise then kissed each other on the cheek.

There was a mixed reaction to what unfolded from viewers, with some praising Denise and others saying she should have held her tongue.

‘Denise entitled to her opinion, but there’s a time and a place to let rip,’ Katie posted on X.

‘Denise Welch does not have the ability to listen or speak to people in a respectful way. Dickie Arbiter acted with class and everyone like he said is entitled to their own opinion. Just not in the appalling way she did,’ Chris shared.

‘If Dickie hadn’t rubbished Harry and Meghan, Denise wouldn’t have needed to step in and give the other side of the debate. Good on her,’ Tina added.

X post.
Many viewers weighed into what played out (Picture: X)

X post.
Some backed Denise and her comments (Picture: X)

X post.
This person wondered what pushback she might now face (Picture: X)
A long-time supporter of Harry and Meghan, this time last year Denise declared that she would prefer to ‘declare my allegiance’ to the young couple rather than the monarch.

During an episode of Loose Women in which the panel discussed the public being invited to ‘cry out and swear allegiance’ to King Charles and Queen Camilla, Denise said that while she ‘has nothing against the Royal Family’ she wanted to instead pledge allegiance to Harry and Meghan.

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