Loose Women’s Andrea McLean says she keeps in contact with only two co-stars from ITV show

Loose Women star Andrea McLean was part of the show for 13 years before she left in 2020. Now, she’s too busy to watch her former co-stars on the TV

Loose Women star Andrea McLean revealed she only keeps in contact with two panellists from the programme.

The TV presenter left the ITV series in 2020 after 13 years as a co-panellist. She recently confessed she doesn’t watch the show as she’s too busy working during the day. There were many feud rumours about Andrea and some of her co-stars but she is still friends with a few of them.

Andrea still talks to Denise Welch and Brenda Edwards and sometimes misses the ‘daily interaction with everybody’ on the team. She said: “But in terms of do I miss it, I work for myself now, so I do a lot of stuff working from home and anybody who has left any organisation to strike out on their own, I do miss getting up and getting in and meeting the whole team and seeing everybody and hearing the gossip.

“I miss that kind of daily interaction with everybody.”

Andrea McLean

Andrea (in the middle) is too busy to watch Loose Women

Speaking to The Sun, she added: “But I don’t miss it in terms of the way people would think I suppose because it was great and I left because I was ready to try something else and went off in a new and exciting direction.” She still follows her co-stars on Instagram and catches up with them ‘every now and again’.

There have been rumours of a feud between the stars for a while now. Back in 2017, Loose Women panellist Andrea McLean got married to her partner, life coach Nick Feeney. Although many of the panel were invited to celebrate her wedding with her, Carol McGiffin was noticeably absent from the proceedings.

Carol took to her Best Magazine column to highlight this, writing, “I’m ecstatic for them both, even though I wasn’t invited to the wedding. Andrea’s managed to squeeze in two weddings in less time than I’ve been engaged to Mark, which is a bit embarrassing, to say the least.”

Despite this, the pair showed there was no animosity between them when they discussed the situation before Andrea left the show in 2020. Andrea recently discussed her relationship with her Loose Women co-stars and said they aren’t necessarily in touch frequently due to work projects and schedules.

Discussing such friendships, she said: “I stay in contact with some of the Loose Women ladies, in the same way that I only get to talk to some when I was there – but not hugely”. Andrea – who now runs the self-help membership group This Girl Is On Fire – said she messages Brenda, Denise, Linda Robson, and Saira Khan.

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