ITV Limitless Win fans outraged that Ant and Dec are clueless about Loose Women

Viewers tuning in to ITV’s Limitless Win on Saturday night were appalled that Ant McPartlin and Declan Donnelly didn’t know how long fellow ITV show Loose Women had been on air

ITV viewers have accused legendary hosts Ant and Dec of betraying the network – as they failed to know how old Loose Women is.

The presenting duo are back on prime time TV with their tense Saturday night game show Ant and Dec’s Limitless Win. The show sees contestants answering general knowledge questions – with no maximum set for the jackpot prize, meaning contestants could win millions.

Those taking part in the show are also allowed to take advantage of life lines that they acquire during the game. One of the life lines includes ‘Take Two’ which allows the contestants to suggest an answer – and then 48-year-old Ant McPartlin and 48-year-old Declan Donnelly also suggest an answer. The studio computer then takes away one of the answers that is incorrect. On Saturday night, two female contestants named Terry and Jess were confronted with a question about the long-running ITV daytime talk show Loose Women.

Ant McPartlin and Declan Donnelly
Ant McPartlin and Declan Donnelly have been panned by fans for failing to know how old Loose Women is 

ITV)The contestants were asked how old the show will be in 2024 – but struggled to think of an answer. Perhaps thinking that Ant and Dec would be aware of the history of fellow ITV shows, the duo played their Take Two lifeline meaning Ant and Dec could provide an answer.

While Terry and Jess suggested the show had been on air for 20 years, Ant and Dec played it safe and suggested the show had been on air for only 15 years. The computer then removed Ant and Dec’s answer, revealing Terry and Jess were closer to the correct answer. After a break, it was revealed that Loose Women would be turning 15 in 2024 – meaning it has been on air since 1999. Viewers were scandalised by the fact Ant and Dec did not know how long the legendary talk show has been on air.

Loose Women
The ITV daytime show turns 25-years-old this year 

Flooding X with complaints, one outraged fan wrote: “Ant & Dec work for itv1 and don’t even know Loose women has been on air for 25 years! #LimitlessWin.” Another grumbled: “#LimitlessWin come on @antanddec you should know you all work for @ITV it’s 25 years @loosewomen.”

Many other fans were shocked that the daytime show has been on air for so long. One shocked viewer reacted to the news writing: “Loose Women has been on for a quarter of a century I-” and adding a gif of a shocked face. While another gasped: “Loose Women been on 25yrs.i can’t believe that drivel has been on that long!#LimitlessWin.”

Terry and Jess went on to answer a couple more questions before they were stuck with a question about the classic schoolyard game conkers. They were asked how long the string has to be for a conker to be legal in a game, but they stumbled with an answer. Opting to cash out, the ladies walked away with £20,000 to split – and then learned if they went ahead with the question they would have supplied the wrong answer and been sent home without any money.

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