Video: Kylie Jenner Spirals Out of Control After Family Ousts Her for Appearance.

Kylie Jenner Spirals Out of Control After Family Ousts Her for Appearance.

Kylie Jenner is furious after being kicked out of her family by Kris Jenner due to her looks. Kris made the decision to remove Kylie from the family because she did not meet their beauty standards.

This has left Kylie feeling upset and angry at her mother’s actions.

The incident has caused a rift between Kylie and the rest of her family, leading to tensions and a strained relationship.

Kylie’s emotions are running high as she deals with the rejection from her family and struggles to come to terms with Kris’s harsh decision.

This situation has thrown Kylie into a state of turmoil as she navigates the fallout of being cast out of her own family.








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