Prince Louis’s burning six-word request to Princess Kate at Trooping met with firm reply

Prince Louis’s burning six-word request to Princess Kate at Trooping met with firm reply

Prince Louis was being his usual adorable self once again but mum Princess Kate had to intervene.

Trooping the Colour: Prince Louis watches from balcony

Prince Louis seemed to have quite an exchange with his mother, the Princess of Wales, during Saturday’s Trooping the Colour ceremony, a lip-reading expert has revealed.

Princess Kate made her grand return to the public eye, months after having been diagnosed with cancer, and the occasion was one to remember.

The Wales family appeared united as they showed up in a car before Kate and her three children, Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis were driven by carriage from Buckingham Palace to Horse Guards Parade as Prince Wiliam was on horseback.

They then watched the parade from one of the balconies of a building with Louis’s adorable cheeky antics on full show.

Lous was pictured dancing, scuffing and yawning during the parade but he was also caught taking an interest in a beaded blind cord found next to the window.

Prince Louis

Prince Louis was up to no good during Trooping the Colour (Image: Getty)
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And it was during that time that the youngster asked his mum a very pressing six-word question.

Lip reader Nicola Hickling spoke to the Mirror and claimed that Louis asked: “Can I play with the beads?” to which the princess firmly replied: “No. I need you to concentrate on the parade.”

During Louis’s shenanigans, his older sister was also spotted telling him off, according to Ms Hickling.

As Louis danced, Charlotte appeared to tell him: “You have to stop doing that. Watch the parade”, to which he replied: “I won’t”.

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The Wales family watching the Horse Guards Parade

The Wales family watching the Horse Guards Parade (Image: PA)

Prince Louis laughing

Prince Louis was back to his usual cheeky antics (Image: Getty)

Charlotte added: “Do as you’re told” but her brother responded: “Nope.”

The six-year-old could be seen dancing along to the march as his siblings and mother stood still.

This was the first time the Wales children were pictured in public since last December.


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