Prince Louis was ‘up to his old tricks’ on Buckingham Palace balcony

There’s something about royal events that leads little Louis to be in his element.

Prince Louis: Photo released to celebrate prince’s sixth birthday

Prince Louis stole the show at this year’s Trooping the Colour, but it’s not a huge surprise, it’s kind of his thing.

Trooping the Colour, also known as the King’s Birthday Parade, is a way for the nation to gather and celebrate the monarch’s birthday.

The day starts with a procession down the Mall, from Buckingham Palace to the Horse Guards Parade and then back to the Palace.

In years past, Louis has been seen pulling faces, in the carriage and on the Palace balcony, sticking his tongue out and waving, as small children do.

But, Louis just turned six in April, and he’s definitely a little more grown up, and his scene-stealing moment was a little more refined this year.

This year, it was actually at the Horse Guards Parade where Louis was spotted dancing with a TV presenter saying: “Kate, and the kids, were watching from a nearby window, with the youngest, up to his old tricks.”

Trooping The Colour 2024

He’s not pulling a face here, this is just pure awe (Image: Getty)

It wasn’t known until Friday afternoon, if little Louis and his siblings would attending, but that all changed, when their mum, Kate, released a personal statement about her welllbeing.

The heartfelt letter addressed her preventative cancer treatment, saying she has her good days and her bad days, but when she is well enough, she likes to be out and about when she can be, and reveealed, she did plan to attend Trooping.

7News Australia’s Hugh Whitfield talked about the family reunion: “The Wales family of five, back together, back on the Buckingham Palace balcony, smiles for her husband and for her father-in-law.”

It was Mr Whitfield who spotted Louis in the window, doing a little dance, showing off a shoulder shimmy.

He is definitely bringing the “cute factor,’ as royal expert Pauline Maclaran so accurately put it. 

Trooping The Colour 2024

All three children appeared to have a nice day with their parents and grandparents (Image: Getty)

Louis just turned six on April 23 with his mum, Princess Kate, taking his photo and sharing it with the world. In the photo, Louis is seen laying on his stomach in the grass, no shoes on, with his bare feet kicked up behind him.

He’s propped up on his elbows with face framed by his little hands, smiling widely at the person taking his photo, which is believed to be his mum, Kate, also laying on the ground, to capture that angle.

Kate stepped out for King Charles’s big day, but it’s not to suggest this is an official return for the Princess of Wales, she is still on medical leave and wil return to public-facing duties when the time is right for her, it’s been widely reported.

“This is a family moment, this is about Kate supporting her father-in-law and her father-in-law being really, really pleased that she could be there at all,” said 7News Australia’s Chris Ship.

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