Prince Harry’s swipe at Queen Camilla with cruel two-word nickname

Prince Harry’s swipe at Queen Camilla with cruel two-word nickname

Prince Harry shared his nickname for Queen Camilla and also claimed that he and Prince William “sensed a presence” of a third party in their parents’ relationship

Prince Harry has a mean nickname for his stepmother

Prince Harry took a swipe at Queen Camilla in his memoir.

The 39-year-old Duke of Sussex appears to have adopted an unconventional nickname for his 76-year-old stepmother, referring to her as the “Other Woman”. Harry has also revealed that the Queen Consort’s relationship with King Charles “confused” and “tormented” his brother, Prince William, throughout their childhood.

In the Duke’s bombshell memoir Spare, Harry mentioned Camilla 60 times and claimed he and his brother begged their father not to marry her. In one heartbreaking passage, he described how he and Prince William “sensed the presence” of a third party in their parents’ infamously tumultuous relationship and claimed that his brother was left feeling “tremendous guilt” when King Charles and Queen Camilla got together.

Prince Harry says he and William had "sensed the presence" of "the Other woman" in their parents' relationship

Prince Harry says he and William had “sensed the presence” of “the Other woman” in their parents’ relationship 


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In Spare, Harry refers to the late Princess Diana’s iconic BBC Panorama interview, in which she said: “There were three of us in this marriage, so it was a bit crowded”. The Duke then goes on to explain that his mother’s “maths was off” because she failed to take into account the toll that the royal love triangle took on her sons.

Harry wrote: “She left Willy and me out of the equation,” before describing how although they did not fully understand what was going on in their parents’ relationship, he and William sensed something was not right. He said: “We didn’t understand what was going on with her and Pa, certainly, but we intuited enough, we sensed the presence of the Other Woman, because we suffered the downstream effects.”

Prince Harry released his controversial memoir last year

Prince Harry released his controversial memoir last year 


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The Duke – who is currently estranged from his older brother and the rest of the Royal Family – added how he thought William was tormented by his “long harboured suspicions” about their father’s relationship with Camilla, adding that he felt “tremendous guilt” when “those suspicions were confirmed”. Although their relationship had been rumoured for a long time beforehand, Charles and Camilla appeared in public together for the first time in 1999, around a year and a half after the tragic death of Princess Diana. At the time, Harry was 14 years old and William was 17.

Harry wrote: “Willy long harboured suspicions about the Other Woman, which confused him, tormented him, and when those suspicions were confirmed he felt tremendous guilt for having done nothing, said nothing, sooner.”

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