North West leaks ‘unflattering’ and ‘strange’ photo of mom Kim Kardashian, fans say from family’s Palm Springs trip

Plus, Kim’s plastic surgery confession after years of speculation

KIM Kardashian’s daughter North West shared several “unflattering” photos of the star from their Palm Springs trip.

The family jetted to Kris Jenner’s stunning mansion to celebrate the Easter holidays over the weekend.

Kim Kardashian's daughter North West shared several "unflattering" photos of the star from their Palm Springs trip

Kim Kardashian’s daughter North West shared several “unflattering” photos of the star from their Palm Springs tripCredit: Getty

Fans claimed Kim had a 'wonky eye' in this selfie

Fans claimed Kim had a ‘wonky eye’ in this selfieCredit: TikTok/kimandnorth

North, 10, made sure to document every moment of the getaway with plenty of selfies with Kim, 43.

She shared a TikTok montage of their snaps, which showed them pouting at the camera and smiling.

In several photos, Kim was seen wearing a plunging white dress with her hair scraped back in a sleek updo.

She pouted next to North, who flashed a peace sign at the lens.

Fans branded the snaps “strange” on Reddit and shared their shock at the Kardashians star’s seemingly wonky eye.

“Eye wonk level 1000,00,000. Is she just permanently winking at us now?” one asked.

“Her eye is literally sliding off her face,” another agreed.

“The kissy lip thing is so absurd. The amount of pics she ruins is ridiculous,” a third posted.

“Fast forward 30 years and her kids are looking at pics of their childhood and their dips**t mom is kissy facing and peace signing in every single one.”

“This one is sending me so unflattering,” someone else commented with a laughing face emoji.

North West ‘sobs’ as mom Kim Kardashian makes snorting animal noises in bizarre video at home
While Kim looks as youthful as ever on social media, she has been slammed for her seeemingly changing appearance.

The reality star has been open about her use of Botox, despite previously insisting she had sworn off the procedure.


During season three of The Kardashians, Kim had a singing lesson with her sisters Kourtney, 44, and Khloe, 39, at their mom Kris’ house.

A vocal coach told the family, “I’m just talking on pitch. I’m not using my neck muscles. We have 425 muscles in the neck.”

“Half of mine are probably Botoxed,” Kim replied, jokingly.

Fans have speculated in the past that she has also had lip fillers, a nose job, and a butt lift.

Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. Daniel Barrett recently told The U.S. Sun he thought Kim may have spent up to $170,000 on surgery.

The doctor claimed the Skims founder had likely been under multiple different procedures, including a Brazilian butt lift, nose job, boob job, and liposuction.

Half of my neck muscles are probably Botoxed

Kim Kardashian

Kim has denied getting any plastic surgery on her face and insisted she has only ever had a little bit of Botox on her forehead.

“I’ve never done anything. I have a drop of mascara on today. I’ve never filled my cheeks. I’ve never filled my lips,” she told Allure.

“I care. I really, genuinely care about looking good. I probably care more than 90 percent of the people on this planet.

“I do my beauty treatments usually late at night. After everyone’s in bed, I’m doing laser treatments.”

The family hung out at Kris Jenner's mansion over the Easter holidays

The family hung out at Kris Jenner’s mansion over the Easter holidaysCredit: TikTok/kimandnorth

She revealed Kim's real face and neck in another photo

She revealed Kim’s real face and neck in another photoCredit: TikTok/kimandnorth

Kim has denied getting plastic surgery in the past (seen with North in 2023)

Kim has denied getting plastic surgery in the past (seen with North in 2023)Credit: Getty

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