Kylie Kelce Reveals Jason Kelce’s Secret Talent as She Opens Up About Her Hopes For Their Kids

Kylie Kelce Reveals Jason Kelce’s Secret Talent as She Opens Up About Her Hopes For Their Kids

Kylie Kelce was candid about her husband, Jason Kelce, 36, during a recent interview with Glamour on January 29. The proud mother-of-three opened up to the magazine about raising three daughters with the Philadelphia Eagles center and shared his secret talent less than two weeks ahead of the Super Bowl. “I do hope they become athletes, probably selfishly, but also because there are so many things involved in sport that translate into real life,” she said of her hopes for her daughters.

Jason and his wife of nearly six years share three girls including Wyatt Elizabeth Kelce, 4, Elliotte Ray Kelce, 2, and Bennett Llewellyn Kelce, who will be 1 next month. “I tell my high school field hockey girls now that whether they go on to play in college, whether they play just for fun or whether they don’t pick up a stick after high school ever again, the tools that they’re learning, being on a team, working toward a common goal, and doing it together is something that will translate into the workplace,” Kylie shared with the outlet. “It will translate into life as a whole.”

When the former college field hockey star revealed that she wouldn’t mind if their kids pursued a career in the arts, Kylie also revealed that Jason has a hidden musical talent. “But that being said, my husband and I are both advocates for the arts and would enjoy it if they get involved in that as well,” she continued. “He was a competition jazz band member, so he was a well-rounded guy. Not a lot of people know that, but he played the baritone saxophone, so if they want to get into music, art, we will fully encourage that as well. We’ll try everything just to see what sticks.”

Elsewhere, Kylie opened up about her experience with being married to someone who is in the spotlight. “The thing we try our best to maintain is a sense of authenticity. We don’t ever want to be people that we are not, mostly because our girls are watching,” she said. “We want to make sure that we treat people kindly, that we continue to stay grounded, that we continue to act the way that we’ve always acted so that our girls understand that that’s how you should be conducting yourself.”

Earlier in the interview, Kylie even joked about Jason and his brother, Travis Kelce, 34, who often “rat themselves out” on their podcast. “I have no filter, and people think they’re getting the inside scoop when I appear on the podcast,” Travis’ sister-in-law said. “But the boys rat themselves out every single week. They’re very self-aware individuals. It’s kind of entertaining.” Most recently, Kylie has seemingly bonded with Travis’ girlfriend Taylor Swift, as they both have attended games to support the NFL brothers. Travis is set to play in the Super Bowl on February 11, however, it’s unclear if the Grammy winner will attend.

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