‘It’s crazy Everywhere’: Kansas City bakery sells out of cookie cakes featuring shirtless Jason Kelce

Recently retired All-Pro center Jason Kelce went viral for celebrating a touchdown by his brother Travis during the AFC divisional round game between the Kansas City Chiefs and Buffalo Bills.


Jason Kelce Shirtless

Kelce jumped out of a suite shirtless with a beer in his hand and yelled in celebration of the go-ahead touchdown late in the second quarter. After the Chiefs’ 27-24 victory to secure a sixth AFC conference championship appearance, the image of Kelce jumping out of the suite stuck with football fans nationwide, including a cookie shop in a Kansas City suburb.

‘Tay said she absolutely loved you’: Jason Kelce’s shirtless antics steal show in Buffalo

Eileen’s Colossal Cookies is racking up requests for cookie cakes featuring a shirtless Kelce drawn in icing. The Liberty, Missouri-based shop had 100 orders to fulfill by Saturday, per local news outlet KCTV. The cookie cakes are 16-inches in diameter.




“I did not expect chest hair to be so appetizing,” Eileen’s Colossal Cookies store manager Hannah Stumpner told KCTV. “At this point we stopped officially taking orders because it’s crazy, it’s crazy.”

It’s not just the chest-hair adorned cookies that are selling. The shop posted on their Facebook page Saturday afternoon that they’d been cleared out of everything in the store for the first time in the location’s seven years of business.

Store owner Kristen Uhlman told KCTV she delivered cookies to the Chiefs team ahead of Sunday’s AFC championship game. Included in the delivery was a Kelce-themed cookie cake for Travis and she hopes the brothers will share it.

Shirtless Jason Kelce wanted to break table at game
Kelce’s first time as a spectator in Buffalo nearly had more viral moments. He said during a recent episode of his “New Heights” podcast that he wanted to break a table with the Bills Mafia pre-game but his wife Kylie convinced him otherwise.

“He desperately wanted to go through a table,” Kylie said in an interview with “Good Morning America” posted on Friday. “It was on his checklist for the day, top priority of the day: go through table. He did not get a chance to do that.”

‘Magical’ moment in Buffalo:Girl, 8, describes Jason Kelce picking her up to say hi to Taylor Swift

Kelce also helped 8-year-old Ella Piazza, a Taylor Swift fan with seats in front of his suite, say hello to her favorite musician. He saw her sign reading “Buffalo Bills + Taylor Swift = Best First Game Ever” and picked her up to show Swift what she’d written.

“It was the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen,” Piazza’s mother Jessica said. “She came back and started crying happy tears and it was so cool. He was so nice with her.”

The Chiefs are facing a tough test in the Baltimore Ravens for the AFC title game. No word yet on any pre-game antics but Kelce and Kylie will both be at M&T Bank Stadium for the game.

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