50 CENT On Clive Davis And Diddy’s Gay Relationship!!!

50 CENT On Clive Davis And Diddy’s Gay Relationship!!!

The music industry has changed over the years, and so have its workings of it. No doubt, it has become evil. For many years, there have been rumors swirling around about the Illuminati, ___, and secret powers that the rich and successful have access to. But no matter how far you get into the conspiracy theories, you can never know what’s true and what’s a lie.


50 Cent and Diddy have had a love-hate relationship over the course of several decades — but the G-Unit head honcho recently revealed that he’s not a fan of the former Bad Boy exec’s infamous parties that have been the subject of much rumor and speculation.

In a video from an undated concert, Fif revealed to the laughing audience that he doesn’t go to “Puffy parties.”

“Nuh uh,” he said from the stage. “That n-gga hug you from the front and the back at the same time? Fuck you talkin’ ’bout? I mean, if you into that, you into that. I’m fine with it. I’m just saying this ain’t my motherfuckin’ kind of party. I’m uncomfortable. I think I belong in the girl’s bathroom.”

Check out the footage from the concert below.


This isn’t the first time that Fif has taken a shot at Diddy’s infamous parties.

Over the summer, Lil Baby came under fire when he went to a so-called “White Party” hosted by billionaire Michael Rubin.

Soon after, a picture of Rubin hugging the rapper from behind went viral, with many social media users criticizing it with homophobic remarks.

Among the trolls was 50 Cent, who posted the image and captioned it: “See this is why I don’t go to no party puffy and them at. [side eye emoji] da fu*k is going on here [facepalm emoji, sulking emoji] get the fu*k off my young [ninja emoji] WTF!”

Part of the reason Fif may feel a type of way about Diddy, however, may have to do with the former Bad Boy exec once passing on signing the “In Da Club” rapper to his label back in the day.

Tony Yayo made the revelation back in August 2021, when the Talk of New York recalled him and 50 taking a meeting with Puff Daddy about a potential deal and the reason why he didn’t want to sign him. Yayo believes it was one of the biggest mistakes the label ever made.

“A lot of people don’t know this story,” he began. “50 went to Diddy for Bad Boy. A lot of people don’t know that. We had the meeting. And it was so crazy that Diddy didn’t sign him – I know that was one of the biggest mistakes of Bad Boy. And you know, the [Kenneth “Supreme” McGriff”] situation — a lot of people were scared of Preme — 50 wasn’t.

“I remember Diddy said this, he don’t even remember. He said, ‘The three things people hate about rappers.’ He was like, ‘Yeah, we can’t sign you, playboy. It’s too much. It’s too much drama with the Biggie stuff and all that.’”

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